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  • SEO meaning?
    What is SEO? SEO: Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a practice of optimizing (fixing things to suit the Search Engine Crawlers) the website to rank ...
  • Search Engine Optimization Why you need it?
    Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimization? There are over 110 million different websites with billions of pages indexed in the search engines. If you ...
  • Should I always submit my website and Articles?
    Should I always submit my website and Articles? Yes you should. Actually you should always be promoting your site by submitting it to Directories and you ...
  • Search Engines
    What is a Search Engine?   The word search engine would refer to such a tool that would help a person while searching for some ...
  • SERP
    What is SERP?   SERP is an abbreviation for the term search engines result page. This refers to the listed page of content that a ...
  • Search Engine Marketing
    What is Search Engine Marketing?   The concept of search engine marketing is very similar to the actual marketing of any other product. The marketing in ...
  • Social Networking
    What is Social Networking?   Social networking is a term that means exactly what it sounds like. The term is used to refer to the ...
  • Social Book Marking? - Social Bookmarking
    What is Social Book Marking? Social Bookmarking?   The works book marking refer to the process of making a mark of or saving the link ...
  • SMO
    What is SMO?   The term SMO is an abbreviation for the term social media optimization.  Social media optimization is in a wide array of ways ...
  • SEO Consulting
    What is SEO Consulting? The focus points of a SEO can range from site coding to keyword density and can also extend right up till ...
  • SEO Firm
    What is an SEO Firm? A firm related to the industry of search engine optimization that employs a web content writer or web site designer ...
  • SEO Expert
    What is an SEO Expert? The term Search Engine Optimization expert is used to describe the work of such a professional whose work is related ...
  • SEO Company
    What is an SEO Company? An SEO COMPANY is an IT based company that is dedicated solely to providing SEO services to customers. It has ...
  • SEO Tactics
    What are SEO Tactics? The words SEO tactics are used to refer to those specific techniques and characteristics that a search engine optimizer uses to ...
  • SEO Tools
    What are SEO Tools? The term SEO tools is used to talk about and refer to those set of helping hands or aspects that are ...
  • Spam - Spamming
    What is Spam? These days the world of all types of industry runs through the basic function of having web sites and proper advertisement and ...
  • Search Term?
    What is a search term? Search term is a term entered by a user on a search engine on anything. Though just writing a search ...
  • Search Engine Submissions
    What is search engine submission? A search engine submission is basically submitting one’s website contents to a search engine. That can be done in two ...
  • Splash Page?
    What is a splash page? Splash page is the first page on the website that is able to keep the visitors of a website attracted ...
  • Spam Indexing
    What is Spam Indexing? In spam indexing the www (word wide web) pages are modified in such a way that their chances of being viewed ...
  • Spider - Search Spiders - Crawl Spiders - Engine Spiders
    What is a spider? A spider is a special software that supports a search engine by helping it see the contents contained in a website ...
  • Submission Software?
    Should I use Submission Software? If we make search engine submissions to different submission software then there are only very few which can result in ...
  • Submitting Software
    What is submitting software? Submission software does a great job by making submissions of freely written articles to different types of directories. The greatest advantage ...
  • Submissions : Sand Box Filter - Suplemental Index
    Submissions : Sand Box Filter - Suplemental Index What do you reccomend as the most submissions to do in one month to avoid sandboxing by Google? It ...
  • SEO Press Release
    What is SEO Press Release? SEO Press Release is a more innovative and novel way of marketing ones product or service and full exploiting the SEO ...
  • Sponsor results
    What are Sponsor results? Sponsor Results are paid listings provided by any company on internet. It is a great opportunity for a business to get an ...
  • Sponsors
    What are Sponsors? Sponsors may be an individual, a group of people, an organization who takes the responsibility for another person or a group during a ...
  • Sponsorship
    What is Sponsorship? Sponsorship is the process used by one organization or a company for sponsoring another person or organization. They take a fixed amount from ...
  • Search Engines: How they work?
    How do search engines work? A search engine is a word-search machine and is a primary method of finding web pages. When you type a word, ...
  • Support Logic Helpdesk
    Support Logic Helpdesk The Support Logic Helpdesk is a script to provide an organized support platform for you and your clients. Support requests can be sent ...
  • Support Services Manager
    Support Services Manager Support Services Manager is a complete support desk, knowledge base management, and customer relations management solution. Support Services Manager requires an available MySQL ...
  • Siteframe
    Siteframe Free Content Management Siteframe is a lightweight content-management system designed for the rapid deployment of community-based websites. Siteframe helps users to build their own ...
  • SMF Free Discussion Boards
    SMF Free Discussion Boards Simple Machines Forum — SMF in short — is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your ...
  • Should I buy Keyword Rich Domains?
    Should I buy Keyword Rich Domains?  Buying keyword rich domains will help the SEO strategies of a business, as Google does consider the link in ...
  • Should I Create a Blog for SEO Purposes?
    Should I Create a Blog for SEO Purposes?  Creating a blog for SEO purpose is a good idea, but ideally the blog posts themselves should ...
  • stemming
    What is stemming? Another form of service software is called stemming and involves a chat based program which provides and online 24 hour activated help line. ...
  • Supplemental pages
    What are Supplemental pages? The term that is supplementary pages is used to refer to those web pages that are brought up as secondary results to ...
  • Server Logs
    What are Server Logs? Server logs are used to track a variety of activity on a server.  Who accessed the server, failed login attempts, processes that ...
  • Shopping cart
    What is a Shopping cart? A shopping cart is a vehicle where you could use to gather grocery items before making a purchase.  The term is ...
  • Script
    What is script? A script is a programming language which controls a software application. But a program and a script is different then each other. Both ...
  • Streaming Media
    What is Streaming Media? There are various ways to deliver media to the user. Streaming media belongs to the class of multimedia that is delivered in ...
    what is SEO COPYRIGHT? Search engine optimization copy righting is an effective method of writing, which aim to target the website contents. The purpose of SEO ...
  • Sandbox Theory
    What is “Sandbox Theory”? Sandbox theory or sandbox effect is an explanation why newly-built websites which are registered in Google do not immediately appear in the ...
  • SEO or Link building
    Is SEO more effective or Link building? Many webmasters are in a dilemma on what kind of marketing campaign will be most fruitful when it comes ...
  • SEO was successful?
    How do I know if my SEO was successful? Search engine campaign or marketing is considered one of the most effective ways of attracting buyers to ...
  • Search engine optimization
    Is search engine optimization still required after attaining the top position in search engine? Yes, of course.  Search engine Optimization will always be important since links ...
  • Search Engine Marketing: Sample LazyURL Article
    Search Engine MarketingIt can be theorized that the spine of the internet is the search engines that allow internet users to reach the sites, products ...

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