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iBaroody offers: SMO (Social Media Optimization or also known as SMM (Social Media Marketing) to our own clients, and anyone else looking for the highest quality of work, man hours, dedication, to get the effective exposure and results any business should get from the Social Networking Websites and the Online world!
We already know our services and packages are some of the Highest END for these services delivered and implemented at the highest quality possible worldwide.
iBaroody SMO and SMM services are strictly SOLD in two different packages Based on Monthly payments.
Because the Demand of iBaroody Services is very high, and because iBaroody does everything to the highest levels of quality, and integrity, we are limited to the number of clients we can serve. This service we take so seriously because our reputation is ALWAYS ABOUT THE RESULTS WE GENERATE TO EACH AND EVERY CLIENT regardless who they are and what they do.
iBaroody Social Networking two packages are:
A- package 1:
2 Dedicated Experts working for you five days a week. Minimum 3 months purchase in advance required.
B- package 2:
1 Dedicated Experts working for you five days a week. Minimum 3 months purchase in advance required.

Each package contains all the work load, work plan, and man hours to full fill all the

deliverables (Check below), and all done over and over every 30 days…

Pricing is based on the man hours we dedicate each and every day for your campaigns. We follow a very rigid, strict, and well organized work plan to insure and make sure there are No short cuts to be taken.Imagine you had to hire two new employees to handle your Social Networking Websites and pages and maintain them each day?

A- iBaroody requires 3 Month payment in advance and a signed contract (to protect you) in order to Start the work within 24 hours.
After the first 3 month then monthly payments can be paid monthly.
B- It’s the client’s responsibility to provide iBaroody with content, documents, images, videos and so forth…
Other Related Services:
iBaroody has a dedicated Team of sharp highly experienced content writers, translators, and Photographers. Also, iBaroody has a Data Entry Team that we can provide each and every client with the material they need to fulfill the more professional required materials in order to complete this package so we can achieve highest Levels of success.
Usually in the now days and in past advertising companies, internet marketing Companies, or PR (Public Relations) agencies or business charge their clients tens of thousands of dollars for the same content iBaroody can provide you with for 10 times Less.
Do NOT be fooled that in the Middle East Price equals Quality.
Comparing iBaroody Social Networking Services to other companies:
The FACTS are advertising companies today are running out of business because they have no means, resources, and the ability to create, handle, manage their own Internet and Online related services starting with Websites ending with SMO and SMM or SEO Services.
95% of All advertising companies, marketing agencies, and PR business Outsource this work to others including to iBaroody.
Such companies end up charging their clients over $20,000 a month for about the same work iBaroody does for $2000 and $3000
All this of course is because iBaroody does NOT outsource any work, nor are their 3 to 4 different Middle Men (Companies) each has to Profit to complete services and packages. Each causes the entire project and campaign to have delays, more errors, and lack of communication for the client to get what he/she wants!
One of the Best Examples to prove to you this point:
If these services are solid products, look at iBaroody as the main Factory selling you directly the Best of the Bestthere is, and at the most affordable wholesale prices. No stores to sell them our products, No sales to make commissions, which sell it back to you at retail prices, and No dealers and regional monopolies to increase profits as they like!
What we do for you Each and Every Month:

1. Brand Promotion using Social Media Platforms

  • Social networking websites- Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pin Interest etc
  • Blogs – company blogs or blogs which are very popular
  • Mobile Phones – advertising through mobile phones or creating mobile apps
  • Engagement- a media where customers and stakeholders can express and share their opinion and others can read it like discussion forms, consumer forums etc

2. General Marketing Techniques

  • Targeting- Through social media sites we can get the likes/dislikes of the target customers and then the companies can make their business strategies based on that
  • COBRAS- Consumer’s Online Brand Related Activities (COBRAs) is another method used by advertisers to promote their products.
  • eWOM- electronic Word Of Mouth (eWOM) are a convenient manner by which a product is promoted via “consumer-to-consumer” interactions
  • Get More Leads With Calls to Action(CTA) – We write innovative posts to get the attention of every reader that comes to that page
  • Give Content the Priority It Deserves – Even if a content has a great substance it will be of no use if there is no one seeing it. So we make sure that the content receives good traffic by sharing, commenting and liking it.
  • Consistency in content development – We make sure that every post we publish is useful to our present, future and potential clients.
  • Optimize content for search – Making our content to be available even after months of publishing is another way to market the product.
  • Absorbing traffic from other communities – Being active on other industry blogs, forums and community websites is also a great way to build relationships and to strengthen social following.
  • Multimedia Usage – The good news is that it’s easy for a company to create and publish videos and pictures. We use pictures and videos as a marketing medium.
  • Social Media – We will create a strong fan following base using the below mentioned ways.

3. How we build a strong following base on social networks:

  • Continuously produce great and shareable content.
  • Make it easy for the readers to share and follow you on social networks (use social buttons as a call-to-action on your posts).
  • Build or join conversations on social networks where your target audience is.
  • Share others content and let them know about it, particularly individuals who have substantial followers in your niche.
  • Thank the people sharing your content and build alliances.

4. Our plan for the month

  • Making it known on Web-Target the social networking sites where the product can be promoted. Most of your customers are probably using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at a minimum.But we consider other, lesser known sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest as well. So an account needs to be set up on these sites as well.
  • Product Promotion- Obviously, you want to promote your product. But thats not it, we will be using this platform to sell more products, attracting return customers or gaining new customers.
  • New Facebook page- Modify the existing page/create a new one and make it appealing to people to like it, comment on it, leave reviews and even link to your website so they can buy it.
  • Offer Incentives – Encourage people to like your product page. Offer incentives such as coupons and discounts. Invite people to share your page with their friends so your community can grow.
  • Develop Engaging content – Develop surveys, quizzes and other content that will generate interest and drive traffic to your page and your product.
  • Take a poll – Ask your customers where they like to go online. Take a poll on your Facebook page or ask for comments on your blog. This will lead you to ideas.
  • Create a Twitter account- We will set up an account on Twitter for your product and promote it by attracting followers.
  • Well written messages – Come up with brief messages that describe and promote your product.
  • Getting more followers – Follow people, brands and companies that might be interested in your product. The more people you follow, the more followers you have a chance of attracting.
  • Use LinkedIn- If your product is relevant to businesses and professionals. LinkedIn is a social networking site that is predominately used by professionals and business people.
  • Post regular reviews and updates – We would set up a group for your product and reach out to people and companies that your product could serve.
  • Blog about your product- Create a blog with interesting articles which people can share on social networking sites
  • Giving more outreach to content – Encourage people to share your posts and share them yourself by posting them to other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Put together a YouTube video – People watch billions of YouTube videos every day.Make a video or a slideshow about your product that will serve as an advertisement that can potentially go viral, which means it gets forwarded and viewed by many different people.Encourage others to post videos of themselves using or benefiting from your product. Hold contests or give away free products in exchange for submitting videos.
* The marketing techniques we use will be based on the kind of product that needs to be marketed. This document tells the general marketing strategies used at iBaroody.

Social Networking and Web 2.0 Marketing

How and what can I do using Social Networking and Web 2.0 marketing to expand my business and website exposure?

  • Research your market, business, and website.
  • Decide on a Work plan. Includes how, what, when, where.
  • Implementation. Adding the tools to your website.
  • Learn how and have an idea about what to expect and what type of results to get.

How can iBaroody help me here?

We have put together a Social Networking marketing package for you.

  • We will answer all your concerns and needs. All the above research will be dedicated to your website and business.
  • We will work together to decide on what and how to proceed.
  • Included in this Social Networking marketing package will be:
  • Social bookmarking of your website.
  • Blog Installation-Blog promotion-blog content writing.
  • MySpace Page creation-optimization-marketing-promotion.
  • High PR links Guaranteed.


  • Excellent exposure
  • Increase traffic-visitors-sales
  • Expand your market
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