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About iBaroody TOP Best of the Best Leading Company in: Web Solutions Business Solutions Software Web Company Web Firm Web Agency Since 2002 USA & Canada

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Welcome to iBaroody

iBaroody a 40+ full time employees Company, originally started in the USA with an American business background, and incorporated history, serving just over 1300 different clients since 2002.

In 2010 iBaroody LLC was created as a Lebanese Company entering the Middle Eastern market with our office in Beirut, Lebanon. Due to iBaroody’s very highly experienced staff, services, and outstanding customer care iBaroody became a new sensation in Lebanon and the region. In a very short period of time, iBaroody was able to over come other competitors in our numbers of new clients, projects, and modern beautiful Portfolio. Our growth is still spreading in the Middle East. With each day passing and with each client served, iBaroody is proving that when it comes to looking for a reliable, honest, very professional, highly experienced Web Solutions Companies, iBaroody is one of the Top of the Top companies with one of the best records of achievement there is in clients satisfaction, portfolio, and offering 17 different services Web Design and Development is just one of them!

iBaroody has earned the largest numbers of satisfied B2B clients represented by the Testimonials they have written about us.

As of January 2014 iBaroody opened a new office fully staffed in Dubai, UAE in order to serve our existing clients in the region better. iBaroody now is doing business from Dubai, to Abu Dhabi, serving all UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the entire Middle East from our new DMCC company iBaroody JLT. Our office is located at 605 HDS Tower JLT Dubai, UAE.

Just call or email us. Our staff are eager to answering all your concerns and ready to earn your business now!


A big thanks to iBaroody Team and Aziz Baroody who is a man of word, a man of passion! I never imagined I’ll find someone as professional as this company and its employees. You really let me enjoy every step of my website. You are always available 24/7. I will recommend no one but you, iBaroody.

The staff is very professional, helpful, patient and very cooperative. The customer service you provide is rarely found. No request was refused, it was dealt within hours. Each one of you along with Mr. Baroody have put your heart with me and make me feel you are related to my work. Thank you again for your collaboration and I’m sure no one can compete with you.

Sayde Jabra Owner
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Our New Office Downtown Beirut (Business Central District)

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