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Web administration is one of the most important, but disregarded aspects of Web development. If you don’t have a good Web administrator keeping your Web site running, well, you won’t have a Website.

Web administrators are system architects responsible for the overall design and implementation of an Internet Web site or intranet. He/she is the person responsible to ensure that the content uploaded is up-to-date and that usage rights are purchased. Administrators are also responsible for deleting old content that is no longer up-to-date or if usage rights have run out.

User Accounts.
For many people the first and often only time they interact with their Web administrator is when they get an account on the system. Accounts are not simply magically created from scratch or because the computer knew that you needed one, instead, someone needs to enter in information about you so that your account can be created. This is generally a system administrator for the Web site. But this is only one tiny part of what Web administration entails. In fact, creating user accounts is usually automated and the system admin only looks at them when something breaks rather than at every account. If you happen to know that your accounts are created manually, be sure to thank your administrator for creating the account. It may be a relatively simple task for him or her to do, but acknowledging the work your administrators do for you can go a long way when you need their help on something bigger.

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