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Adverting and Marketing Company Lebanon

Hiring the Right Marketing and Advertising Agencies in Lebanon for Your Business is the Biggest Differentiator between Companies that Win and the Ones that Lose!

When hiring a company for advertising, it becomes necessary for the company to have a good track record. The reason for this is, for a subjective thing such as advertising, the only metric of success is popularity and increase in revenue.

iBaroody is one such company!

Considered to be the best marketing and advertising companies in Lebanon, iBaroody has made a mark for itself in the industry in the last ten years.

When it comes to success and client satisfaction, iBaroody has single handedly defeated all other marketing companies in Lebanon and advertising companies in Lebanon.

Read more to know how.

Internet Marketing Lebanon Vs. Advertising Agencies & Media For any  Business in Lebanon Company Advertising and Online Marketing Campaigns and Strategies

How to promote your Site to seriously succeed profit and use the entire Internet to grow?

Everything  about Internet Marketing is summed up by iBaroody into 8 parts:

In order of Importance:

I- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The Science behind ranking sites and pages High in the Google Search results to generate free traffic. (Organic Traffic)

SEO as of 2016 is a 400 BILLION Dollars Industry per year

SEO includes 60% of everything you know about Internet Marketing (Online Marketing)

SEO is 4 Major Sections that must be worked at the same time.

  • A. On-Page
  • B. Off-Page
  • C. SEO by Dynamic Page increase
  • D. SEO by using Web Promotion

II- SEM: Search Engine Marketing.
The ONLY useful SEM is Google AdWords Account because 95% of all Internet users globally search using Google. Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc… all combined barely reach that 5% of all Internet Searching. Google AdWords is a PPC program (Pay Per Click).
The Benefits of SEM are very effective. Same concept as SEO. You are advertising to very targeted specific people through what they are searching for.

BUT in simple language all what we do is ADVERTISE pay money to place your ad on the same pages Google searchers search for whatever companies, services, products etc… they are looking for.
This page is called SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

SEM effects:
– You can only advertise exactly what services products etc. you have and want to promote as per exactly what Google Searchers are searching for.
– You cannot advertise Cars under Real Estate.
Any search term containing Real Estate, Your Ad will also have Real Estate in it
Your Ads Keywords selection must have the same to appear.
– Daily Budgets and spending are required with Google AdWords.
– Bidding for each search term is required.
– This is how and why you see advertisers number 1 or 4 etc..
Google AdWords professional creation and management is a serious service as the more experience the person managing it, the more targeted visitors you shall receive at the lowest costs possible.

III- SMM Social Media Marketing
(Using: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn) accounts and profiles to generate traffic and to send the traffic to a company’s site to conduct business.
Very ineffective to make serious profits especially short term although can increase traffic and interaction. But if you are looking to sell, and make money?
This type of Internet marketing is not a priority not at all and not the smart way to start!

IV- Digital Marketing and Website Promotion:
– Promoting or Advertising your site and products/services on other websites. SEO includes Web advertising. Google AdWords PPC can include Web advertising.
– Digital marketing is the combination of how, when and where to advertise online.
– Digital marketing costs money requires campaign and budget planning.
It is very easy to advertise yourself, and many companies do it themselves.
– Digital Marketing usually does NOT target targeted searchers or visitors. It’s only advertising, branding and exposure.
– Digital marketing includes in the order of importance:

A- Google AdWords Account
(The Same account used to advertise SEM PPC) but choosing instead of Google Search results advertising, (On the actual Google Search results pages only)
You chose Google AdWords Search Network.
The most important and highly famous heavy traffic websites use Google AdSense
(The program in which web owners make their money by making commissions from those advertisers spending money using Google AdWords Account).
This is a PPC Program (Pay Per Click) Daily spending budgets and bidding required.
There are several types of Ads to use to advertise using Google AdWords:

  • Text Ads
  • Banners
  • Video Ads

Example if you go to www.YouTube.com watch a video.
Anyone with a Google AdWords account can advertise on YouTube.

– You can choose the websites you want to advertise.
– You can exclude websites you do not want to advertise on.
– You can allow and let Google do all the choosing for you.

Expect professional Google AdWords Account can save clients thousands of USD generate your companies a lot more for each $1 spent. However, anyone can create Google AdWords Account for free and spend money. It is neither a secret nor magic.

B- Facebook Ads. Are PPC Ads.
Daily spending can be set and budgets required. The more you spend of course, the more you shall get.

C- LinkedIn Ads Same concept as FB Ads. PPC Ads.
You can target audiences exposure by choosing professionals by title Examples: CEO’s, GM’s, PM’s CRO’s, etc. or types of industries and markets they work for.

D- Original Content Marketing, Article Marketing & News or Events Articles BLOG Videos
Paid for Articles as Advertisements BUT NEWS or unique, exclusive, informative content worthy as related Marketing to what the websites, Media Companies or Web 2.0 sites that post this type of Digital marketing are about.

There are several other places and means to advertise as Digital Marketing such as Content Article writing and promotion using companies that specialize in such paid for Digital Marketing:


V- Emails Marketing

– Manual Email Marketing (Will reach inboxes but very costly demanding many hours to send such emails. Results? Proven not enough for success.
– Automated Email Marketing (using Software) VERY ineffective actually in the USA it is considered Spam as in Illegal.
– All emails reach junk mail, not inboxes. Can harm company’s branding and image.

VI- Viral Marketing:
Viral Videos marketing, Jokes, Images and articles such as Blogs.
It is not easy and very rare to have successful viral marketing successes.
BUT there is that chance for it to become a HIT!
Viral Advertising and Viral Marketing: Assume you own or recorded a hilarious video.
You upload it to video sites. People think it is so funny and great they share it, send it to friends, post it on their social media pages. You send it to friends via email to watch. Your friends email it to others. The video is watermarked (Your name on it) with your brand or website. Or the video URL shared belongs to your Social Networking profile page. A real success would be the hundreds of thousands and in many cases multi-millions of video views. People are watching this video. The Advertising and marketing effect you get for free? This is the power of such FREE Advertising exposure!

VII- Affiliates and Resellers System
Affiliates marketing requires the installation of an affiliates software. 
It is the when you provide others with a URL that sends visitors to your website or specific pages. Any leads, sales that come from the link you pay for it either by providing the web owners commissions and other payments plan that you decide to what best matches your business. Your Affiliates want to make money from you.
Let others do the selling for you.
Reselling Advertising and Marketing
Is when others take your services, and products post them on their sites and other business methods and sell them on your behalf. When others are reselling your goods or services the BUYERS do not necessary know who you are and that you are the original main company that sells and/or provides such services.
There are NO successful Affiliates and reselling systems in the entire Middle East.
Serious Web owners such as Flash eCommerce large businesses are the affiliates and resellers for others. Therefore, it is financially IMPOSSIBLE to use secondary affiliates and resellers programs to make any profits. You have to be the original products and services primary seller or business.

VIII- SMS Marketing: in the USA it is Illegal
It’s very ineffective and can cause serious harmful side branding effects due to the fact, and Mobile Users are highly bothered by SMS marketing.
However: It is cheap. Fast! An excellent way to announce specials or events especially if you own your Phone Data records such as SMS marketing to your loyal clients, guests, and customers

Why Use the Internet and HOW to Succeed Seriously.

Any Web Owner especially online businesses and complete Sales/Profits eCommerce websites MUST adhere to a very dangerous Strategy.
It is dangerous to go outside this approach and statistically 99% that will end up spending too much money to achieve zero results here is why and how.

If you DO NOT adhere to reaching the Targeted Visitors and only targeted visitors exposure; other than Targeted, statistically any Online Marketing exposure behaviors go back to how and what Traditional Media is and does.
 Meaning: You have to place your message to face the online SEARCHERS looking for you, what and who you are, what you are selling, what you are offering and especially those that are looking for the best of the best TOP Company’s services depending on Industry, markets and other business criteria’s online.

Traditional Media are falling behind!!!

TV Stations, Radio, Billboard (16,000 in Lebanon 600 between Dora and Dbayeh)
Magazines, Newspapers, flyers, etc.

All Advertising Companies Marketing and PR Company’s Proposals:
are based on Traditional Media campaigns.

Proof Example:

Many newspapers and magazines are stopping their hard copy print and dedicating their resources for their websites instead.

TV Stations:
Same issues are facing television stations income and profits. Lack of advertising clients because advertisers are catching on. Any money spent on TV Ads, cannot and will never generate any profits.

Proof Example:

Many popular TV Stations and other Media outlets are either shutting down their operations or downsizing their staff for the Internet has become more an authoritative source for people to watch, listen, and read their daily news and other programs.

Famous Advertising Agencies Proposals:

1/5 of such important Advertising campaigns/proposals offered by well known famous Advertising Companies is dedicated to Internet Marketing.

For a minimum $500,000 advertising campaign, only $100k is used for Internet Marketing.

A- 60% is set aside as pure profit.
B- 40% of that money they hire resellers or third parties at excessive costs to do the work.
C- Major Advertising Companies Internet Marketing Campaigns compared with iBaroody Services and Packages:

Compare and Follow the MONEY

– Average for every $100,000 spent with each major advertising company is equivalent and much less efficient than $10,000 spent on iBaroody Internet Marketing Services concerning results, same exposure and marketing reach.
– iBaroody’s services for 1/10’s the price
– We have solid proof way more efficient!
– Case study after another.
– Clients stories of success and after 100’s of companies, over and over it is time for the
Truth to come out!!!
As of 2012/13 in Lebanon & the Middle East, it is IMPOSSIBLE to spend such serious money and generate any profits. Why would any web or company owner(s) pay hundreds and tens of thousands when the results are already known? ZERO benefits?

An example of Traditional Media Victims:

Real Estate Giants in Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, or Dubai: Spend Millions & Millions of USDs now on Advertising campaigns to sell Apartments. The Average sales of any apartment in the entire Middle East nowadays from such advertising campaigns do NOT even gross the same amount spent on advertising.

What about Profits?

NO LONG Term value. Once the Money is spent, it is LOST!

You might get your 15 minutes of fame once money runs out
No one will remember your name, your apartments or your special offers period!!!

Branding? : Everything the advertising marketing experts know about branding and graphics today in the real world, and the online world is worthless.

Do you think your Logo design and the colors of your brochure or Banners will generate you profit?

The Internet Effect:

Literary changed the entire Advertising and Traditional Media as you know it.

Everything you know about Branding is simply a company’s LOGO on their Website. Period!!!
To generate serious success profits and exposure from the online world the first


DO NOT ever spend $1 outside the Internet to market or promote any website online.

It is 100% worthless and proven thousands of times in-effective including the USA.

How to Succeed?

Your Website and System has to be:
Regardless what your site/system to compete right away from day one make sure:
– Designed & Developed entirely as High End from day one.
– RESPONSIVE works perfectly on all Mobile browsers Smartphones and Tablets.
– Built from scratch, made for Google.
– With the latest most modern software/systems/programming
(ready for the future minimum ten years guaranteed no new development)

Results: increases the chances of online success by MINIMUM 50%

– Owning such a High-End Word Class website and System is very effective as it reduces serious advertising and marketing costs online.
– It is too expensive to promote a website NOT ready to compete with the global Famous worldwide online businesses and sites.
– As a matter of fact: If your site is built correctly from day one statistically for each $10 spent you will get the same results as if you spent $40 (Owning a None-High End site) on advertising online regardless what type of Internet Marketing services used.

High End Websites/System Benefits:

Guarantees the Most Effectiveness for all important Factors below:

1- Web Online Power Marketing Reach and Exposure
– Increasing Time Spent on Site
– Decreased Bounce Rate
– Increases Direct traffic
– Increases Repeat traffic

2- Turn ratio of (How many visitors it takes to get one of the actions mentioned below)
– Enquires
– Emails
– Phone calls
– Leads
– Direct online sales

For any further explanation what to do, where, how, and when to spend money:
Is considered highly sensitive information
Consultants charge tens of thousands just to inform you about the information.

When & Why iBaroody Rejects Clients’ Money

iBaroody will never accept clients’ money without knowing the result will be:
Real success GUARANTEED!

iBaroody Vs. The Famous Advertising Agencies in Lebanon

iBaroody does not compete with any Web Company however we have competed with the most Famous Advertising companies and WON! We have several that are our resellers we are bound to privacy and secrecy not allowed to share their clients work plans and success stories.
But iBaroody did all the work for them

iBaroody services must be implemented with a rigid PLAN to how to start and what to start with.


– iBaroody will refuse to allow any client to spend money on Facebook Ads as PPC instead will recommend the use of Google AdWords ONLY!
– iBaroody will prove to any client that Social Media Marketing
(Although iBaroody has two TOP most effective monthly services for SMM)
is ineffective and worthless in many cases depending on the client’s markets and industry.
– iBaroody refuses to take on any new serious clients without the customer’s full understanding, trusting, and knowing the facts to why iBaroody will ONLY allow any campaign to start in order of importance and how and what to use that money for.


Google AdWords:

Anyone can create a Google AdWords Account in 5 minutes.
Less than 0.5% of all Famous Companies globally have a successful Google AdWords Account.

What is a Successful Google AdWords Account?

Anyone with money and can spend money will get results!!! Of course, they or you will.

However, ask yourself did you make money/profits?

Where is the seriousness and expertise for this? Spending money everywhere and anywhere

This is why serious experience matters

iBaroody’s Experience as Certified Google AdWords Expertise Company:
iBaroody knows for a fact as iBaroody opened Google AdWords account back in 2002/3 as Google AdWords accounts were in BETA

Here is the objective

A- Creating the most efficient professional clean account for each client based on all their industry, markets and services.

B- MINIMUM each client MUST spend $100 a day on PPC

C- It requires MINIMUM 3 MONTH continuous spending, traffic, tweaking accounts daily, managing full administration to reach that one goal:

– If the client spend $100 a day
– Clients achieves $50 profit a day average from that $100
– Means client can pay $200 a day make $100 profit per day
– $1000 a day? Is $500 profit

If within months client’s website and business cannot reach the primary goal?

MINIMUM daily all PPC costs pay for itself and zero new capital or money spent by the client?

Then it is Impossible for the client to ever succeed online without maintaining massive spending to keep it going! It is best to revisit the first main issue:
(Do you own a High End World Class Website and System?) go back to redesigning the entire site and redeveloping the entire project with different business and online strategies.

Hard Accepted Truth and REALITY!!!

If clients project cannot sustain paying for its promotion months of great Google AdWords PPC investment with expert administration and management? 

It’s a problem. Clients must accept the truth and face reality.

– Keep on SPENDING and Losing?
– 90% of all Online Businesses are set up to fail. Global Statistics.
– If it is easy? Then everyone will do it and get rich.

True Success:

Imagine client in 3 months if not before reaches the level making profit for each $1 spent with PPC?
Then the client can DOMINATE the market industry online PPC Search results and ads.
No one can ever over bid the client and profit more than the client.
If anyone spends more than the client to overbid the client with a SUCCESSFUL PROFITABLE AdWords Account? Result? Their money will RUN out sooner or later.
This Means client has DOMINATED all Searches with PPC client is KING for LIFE.
The client has the power to remain in the TOP paid for search results at no additional costs what so ever!!!

SEO: Long term

the real true bread and butter for LIFE & for FREE!


– Complete success causes with PPC the short terms and long terms advertising strategies:
– Coupled with complete Success in the Organic Traffic Results from effective SEO Services.
(What SEO is and what SEO does) Being number 1 to 5 MINIMUM for 80% of all possible search terms? Is absolute Success and SEO Dominance!!!
– Imagine the Website is the highest level there is?
– SEO you are Number 1?
– PPC Google Ads you are number 1?


Is the client guaranteed to become a millionaire as for every single dime spent?
Profit is guaranteed! Results:
– Client’s website will be Famous
– Every visitor online will think/know they are NUMBER ONE in business!
– Prestige
– Perception
– If Google thinks you are number 1 for your business?
Rest assured everyone else will know you are number 1!
– Google ads you are number 1? Means not many can overbid you!

Statistically and iBaroody has proven it

One person operation running entire website online business from Home?
At that point?
– He/She gets the image of High Riser company (Same as Real World Real Estate)
– Image: The SIZE of your Company: as if he/she had 1000’s of Employees Company.

This is true success

If you DO NOT Act NOW then:

1- If companies do NOT move today?
Statistically later, every single month success stats will get harder and more expensive to reach.

2- If the client does NOT Act now?
The result they might run out of business even if they are a right company outside the online world.

3- Most IMPORTANT if the client does NOT Act NOW and DOES NOT follow the rigid, strict laws and iBaroody proven ways how to start and promote serious online campaigns?
Spending money on any advertising, marketing, and online marketing is not going to generate the same effective results as a quarter of that money will get better more efficient results when spent wisely and spent by highly experienced professionals. Why waste money now? To learn and experiment? Your competitors already have should you too?

4- If the client is not ready to spend the required amounts to fill in the blank and bypass all learning expenses for each customer each campaign must gather its stats and gather its traffic usability? The client should consider not spending any money at all online and Internet advertising. Do it right or Do not do it!

5- Anything less than such level Internet advertising campaigns?
Also will result in a waste of time and money most likely sooner or later the client will know it all went to waste. Then you are back to the same point you started.
“What should I do to Succeed and not fail?”


All the iBaroody services and time frame required to invest in the different Internet Marketing services in order of Importance? Are about as professional and effective as it can be for the money globally!

All of the iBaroody online marketing, strategies, and plans DO NOT even exceed the cost of one just one TV Ad 30 second’s production and just one TV station running it few times.

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