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Top Farm Management Software: Agrivi, Granular, Trimble, FarmERP, FarmLogs, Agworld, AgriWebb, Conserves are some of the Top Farm Management Software. Farm management software manages and optimizes the production activities and operations of farms. Farm management software automates the recording and storage of data, facilitates the monitoring and analyzing of all farm activities, and streamlines production and work schedules.

The system assures collecting, relating, reporting and forecasting data on farm management and agricultural land.  “It is important for every farm manager that manages large land parcels to smartly monitor their business and to have access to useful information that helps them make the best decisions

Farm management practices. … In order to maximize economic returns and look after the environment, there are a number of farm management practices that help to minimize the effects of nutrient leaching and run-off and reduce sediment loss from paddocks

Meaning of Farm Planning: “The farm plan is a process for deciding in the present what to do in the future about the best combination of crops and livestock to be raised through the rational use of resources.” … In budgeting exercise the resources are allocated, that is, the capital into various farm enterprises.

Farming plays a crucial role in the economy. Farmers are looking for ways to maximize crop production and crop yields. Farmers must keep track, measure and respond to certain variables to help them achieve greater success in farming. They need to be aware of the ideal planting, maintenance and harvesting seasons based on the past yield data and environmental factors like the weather conditions to obtain optimal results. Farmers need to be aware of the state of the soil, insects found in particular soil as well as soil moisture among other important farming aspects. To maximize farm yields and revenues, farmers need to use data-driven insights. Accurate data insights help farmers and growers to optimize farming yields for each crop. They monitor the seedling plans and space utilization throughout each growth cycle. Precision agriculture is the modern day farming practice that makes crop production more efficient.


Real-time Insights: Precision Agriculture Software tools offer real-time reports of labor, inputs and other factors that impact crop production. The sensing devices allow continuous monitoring of the chosen parameters and provide real-time data to ensure an up to date status of the field and plant parameters all the time.

Yield Monitoring: Yield monitoring feature helps the user measure the fruit yield for a specific location, map and compare the different seed varieties performance throughout the field. It is integrated with GPS-obtained information to help monitor crop yields (Nowadays the IoT (Internet of Things)technologies, software, and hardware opens other affordable options to get the same results).

Built-in Accounting: With Built-in accounting features, Agriculture Software enables the user to keep records and track the crop yields and profitability.

Field Management: Agriculture Software lets the user monitor crop rotations, manure, tillage, irrigation, and soil test results.

Inventory Management: Farmers can track and manage the flow of farm goods from the manufacturers to warehouses. The user can also track the storage of the farm produce.

Labor Management: Agriculture Software allows the user the staff and personal productivity, manhours, etc…

Traceability: Agriculture Software allows greater traceability in food production since it enables the user to get accurate information on the farming practices and inputs which lets the consumers know what goes into food production.

Weather Records: Agriculture Software allows the user to synchronize their calendar with the current weather condition and thus the user can schedule the field operations.

Collaboration: Agriculture Software collaboration functions and features let the user share info. To compare, learn from, other users and trusted group of users.



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