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Article Marketing

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Hiring the right Article Marketing Service can take you from “invisible” to the top recommendation by Google! Imagine what your brand could be if everyone searching a product you offer lands on your website…

It does not matter which industry your company belongs to, if it’s not present on the internet, it is losing a major share of its business and potential customers to its competitors! And by ‘present’, we mean on the first page of search results of popular search engines likes Google, Yahoo etc.

But how does one do that?

By sharing relevant content with your user/potential customers in form of Articles!

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, link baiting and back-linking, today, if you don’t offer value to the users in form of relevant content, Google won’t show you in its top search results. The right way to do this is to hire an Article Marketing Service that understands your audience and its queries and provides them value in form of high quality content.

iBaroody is considered to be the best Article Marketing Company by its clients, patrons and peers.

What makes iBaroody great is its competent team of writers, evangelists and business marketing experts. Out team has decades’ worth of experience of working with variety of brands and tackling different challenges. With our successful campaigns, we have gained the right understanding of how Google works and what is it that users look for on the internet.

Article marketing will help you in

a. Generate Traffic

One of the core objectives of article marketing is to generate traffic for your website.

In the age of internet, people either search for products and services on the internet or they use internet to get reviews of the products and services they find outside. Article marketing generates credibility for your website and helps it rank higher in Google SERP. As a result, more and more people looking for products and services you offer come to your website, thereby increasing your traffic and revenue. This effect further strengthens your credibility and you rank even higher in Google SERP.

b. Promote Business

You can also use Article marketing to promote your business by using it as a long copy advertisement.

c. Engage Audience

Articles and blogs are a great way to engage your audience and keep in constant touch with them. You can share new developments and ideas with them, in return get their feedback in comments.

iBaroody helps you in creating well-written content articles released for free distribution, increasing the business credibility within your industry and improving your website SEO service.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts and get going.!!

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