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How to Get a FREE SEO Consultation by an SEO Expert


Beginners FREE SEO Consultation and followed by Intermediate to reach the Expert SEO Guy Do it yourself Experiences and Implementation is available for anyone to learn it online. 

SEO is a 400 Billion USD Industry a year.
Google Ads in 2018 reached 85 Billion USD
SEO is how to get websites and web pages to rank high in the Google Search results.
SEO Services are a must to purchase from SEO companies that either offer SEO monthly services, or have other ways to sell you different SEO packages based on numbers of search terms or others…
Since SEO Services are offered by almost any web company (80% are resellers and outsource the SEO work), it is vital for any potential buyer such as web owners, company owners, Marketing specialist, IT staff, etc.. to know and learn the basics of what SEO is and how SEO works.
This is why anyone who is interested in and knows and realizes that SEO is a MUST and it is by far the most effective marketing period, needs to have the knowledge about SEO that is gained through the FREE SEO Consultation.
Added to the Free SEO Consultation, paying for more SEO consultation will arm you with the facts, know-how, and how things work and what must be done or anything and everything that can be done by any SEO company or SEO Services providers or resellers.
You will know what is going on thus no one can cheat you.
You will know how to identify who is legit and who is just selling SEO
You will save yourselves or your company thousands of dollars.
More important?

You will generate your company or yourself more and more profits by reducing costs, and knowing how and who to hire for the things that you yourself can even do on your own with SEO training.

Once you get your FREE SEO Consultation then you decide to learn more through SEO Consultations via Online Conferencing

Option 1 SEO Consultation

-Session to explain, show, prove, help guide you make the best choices for your company and any IT, Marketing and/or Web-related issues.
-The Consultant providing the session resume includes serious experience and research the sum of 20 years doing business in the USA, Canada, and the MENA region.
-You choose the Topic, We find and present the solutions and best plan.

Skype, Team Viewer, Face time, WhatsApp, Any Desk, etc…
Audio, CAM and Remote Desktop

Price:           $300
Duration:    2 Hours





Option 2   SEO Consultation 

-Session to explain, show, prove, help guide you make the best choices for your company or others…
-Based on serious experience and research.
-You choose the l find and present the solutions
-Regardless of the Industry, the topic, size project, software, etc… Senior Expert will guide you and prove to you what to use, how to start, finish, and then what to expect and can do after launch or starting its use.
-All data, demos, solutions, preparation, problems, issues and your questions and concerns will be answered
-This package includes a written Documentation of all meeting notes with a Prof Consultation Presentation sent to the client after the meeting.


-Skype or Team Viewer, Face time, WhatsApp, with Desktop Access
-Audio, CAM Minimum 2M Internet Speed Connection


Price:            $600
Duration:     4 Hours


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