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Business Solutions Lebanon & Business Applications

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Business Solutions Lebanon

iBaroody Business Solutions Applications & Business Software:

Why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars? to Brand name Software companies for licenses when iBaroody has all the Business Solutions already set to do everything there is and can be done in terms of the same features, functions, benefits, Interfaces, Training, and Programming insuring every business, corporation, for any industry gets the same results for:


  • Business Applications
  • Database & Technology
  • Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Mobile

Business Solutions & Business Applications

  • CMS Content Management Systems
  • CRM Client Relations Management
  • PM Projects Management Systems
  • Online Networking Solutions (Cloud is the future Vs Intranet)
  • Cloud Servers and complete Setup and Management Database
  • Complete Systems and management
  • Accounting Systems Invoicing & Procurement
  • Online Food Delivery Systems
  • Restaurant Delivery Systems
  • Emailing Systems and Newsletters
  • Advertising and Marketing Systems
  • Online Grocery Store and Delivery Systems
  • Schools and University Systems
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Real Estate business Management Systems & Portals
  • WebTV (CDN, Platforms, and Storage)
  • VOD Video on Demand and Livestreaming
  • Hotel Management Systems and Online reservations
  • Car Rentals Business Management and online reservations
  • Web 2.0 Interaction and Social Networking Systems
  • Customized Software & Programming
  • Business Solutions Replacing Consultants and Experts
  • Media Online Solutions and CMS
  • ecommerce Business solutions
  • Business Applications and IT Services

Save Time & Capital


Hiring iBaroody right away saves you Tens of thousands by bypassing the below:
When it comes to Software development, Business Solutions Lebanon , and all Digital IT You no longer require Consultants and Consulting Companies

Business Internet Marketing Solutions:

Hiring iBaroody for your Internet and Online Marketing Campaigns You no longer have to deal with Advertising Companies Marketing Agencies and PR Firms

Cloud Services & Database Solutions:

iBaroody Cloud Servers, Cloud Services and Cloud Networking from setup, security, administration, management, Saves you Tens of thousands for iBaroody Services are designed to:

Replace your Dedicated Sevres with Cloud therefore reduce your IT Staff and IT personal man hours iBaroody Cloud Servers insures you do not have to hire nor deal with any Networking companies and Networking wiring services

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