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AWARD WINNING Websites Systems Software Case Studies

iBaroody Case Studies for Websites and Online Systems

CMS/CRM/Software/Functions, Features & Programming

ONLY Comparing Apples to Apples Oranges to Oranges with some of the largest most Famous Websites Globally. To learn more about iBaroody History, record and Case Studies for SEO, Internet Marketing, Games, and Software Development please contact us NOW.


iBaroody has spent thousands of man hours advanced senior PHP programming time to access Magento core system and source files and turn this project into an award winning highest level three way eCommerce automated and fully easily managed an online business.
The System consists of
Vendors Accounts
Five different sections each considered as an independent website
Vednros accounts have been created.
Each vendor chooses the Business type and Store retail type.
Each vendor can upload tens of thousands of products and images using one excel into his /her sub website.

Each vendor’s accounts (eStore or eShop) is designed and developed as if an retailer spent over $40,000 to build their eCommerce website and system.

iBaroody has developed and integrated a membership software from scratch giving the owners of this project the ability to create several different layers of accounts. The Super ADMIN can easily create settings, privileged gastric or give the ability for any membership globally and even per Vendor account and all the way to one product level.

Standard memberships
Featured memberships
Individual account memberships

Brands Sub websites
Each Brand is a sub website.
All Brands products are automatedly set to show as featured or per main or sub category when uploaded by Vendors accounts

Classifieds system
For Individual members to advertise and promote the sales of their products new or used for free.

As of July 2017, there is no Magento High-End World Class website and system built with such perfection and to the same level as this iBaroody project globally.

iBaroody will submit this project to Magento for magento programmers to judge and award iBaroody for no one has ever used the Magento one eCommerce Open Source to reach such level of automation and level of conducting busiens online.

3 Different Apps
This massive complex yet very user-friendly project is supported by Android and IOS Apps designed and developed by iBaroody. Also, iBaroody has built Facebook App to allow any retailer to download the APP and promote or directly sell online their products from their Social media p[rofile and fan pages.



Quick Brief:

iBaroody work using the same software, CMS and System but larger more modern with more functions and features and user accounts.
Before Shutterstock (WordPress based) launched their new site end of 2016 iBaroody has already designed and developed an entire system that includes

World Class Website English and Arabic with:

2- ADMIN Accounts
3- Writer & Authors Accounts
Accounts they create profiles sell their articles, photo stories, and research online
4- TV Stations & Media Account
They can choose TV shows, films, movies and series to BUY for their TV broadcasting
5- Members Accounts (Standard and Premium)
6- iBaroody developed GRID web-based system as software platform for TV Stations
-To drag drop videos into GRID 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and up to one-year Video organization.

This is unprecedented web based & English and Arabic from scratch right to left design and developed.

- iBaroody developed it in a way it is so easy to drag Videos, Reels, Trailers into the grid.
- Multiple videos in one grid
- Creation of infinite numbers of grid
- iBaroody used over seven different software to be combined under one Backend and one system
- iBaroodys projects allow the client to sell memberships, videos, articles, etc…
- iBaroody added eCommerce software developed the most advanced Meta Data Video Search software to allow any visitor to search and find any videos or other products assuming client uploads hundreds of thousands of files in their database.
- iBarodoy added Drag and Drop Basket for users to save favorites and assign to BUY later via credit card, or wire transfers.

View iBaroody Award Winning Cased Study project online:
The website is World Class Web 2.0

World Class Web 2.0 Website

-100% RESPONSIVE with
-Advanced Search side menus
-Online Drag Drop & BOX Products basket
-Both are designed using the latest UI and UX to open and close manually, to work as perfectly as can be using Mobile phones and tablets

Video for Sale eCommerce Website
With four different layouts to search for videos and customize view & displays.

Articles for Sale eCommerce Website
With four different layouts to search for videos and customize view & displays.

Photostories for Sale Website
With four different layouts to search for videos and customize view & displays.



5INDEX is the oldest Lebanese .com online. Since 1995 5INDEX has been the leader and the official Business Directory of Lebanon. In 2016 5INDEX owns the largest database of over 70,000 legitimate businesses. All the database is up to data and extracted from the ministry of commerce. 5INDEX is the only Lebanese company that has combined its Directory of business with credit, reputation and rating system of all Lebanese businesses depending on the market, industry and type of company and industry. It is the official database that all the Lebanese banks use for their credit risk management.

iBaroody has taken 5INDEX Business Directory and added 11 more world class website allowing 5INDEX to cater to any business and company online needs. Now 5INDEX is total 11 different world class websites under one roof one site and iBaroody developers have customized all the software involved in order to make it so easy for 5INDEX Team to run and manage their entire daily business and online operation.

What is World Class?
Designs: Each Web Designs unique depending on the website. 100% Responsive wide screen and can be compared with the most famous globally
System: iBaroody for every website has used the latest most modern CMS/CRM/ADMIN (Backend) software, System and plugins. No money can buy bigger no developer globally can make it better nor more modern and effective.
Backend: iBaroody has used 4 additional different software running in the background in order to have all user accounts easy to manage, operate and user friendly.

5INDEX NOW is total of 16 different best of the best latest most modern software in one system and one website.


Just take the Real Estate section of 5INDEX.

5INDEX Real Estate Site:


the 2nd largest most famous real estate website globally.

What is the difference? Same concept 5INDEX simpler more modern design. Same functions, programming features and Advanced Search features.


USA Federal Reserve
USA Federal Reserve

Central Bank of Canada


Banking Control Commission of Lebanon

BCCL now:
is the TOP Most Modern perfectly RESPONSIVE Lebanese Governmental Website! Built with CMS/CRM/Software/Systems/Apps/Modules/Components to provide BCCL and all Lebanese banks with Advanced Search criteria’s to find all Legal Banking Documents, Memos, Circulars ready to absorb hundreds of thousands and millions of all types of Documents Dynamically generated organized for in-house use replacing Multi Million Dollars Famous names of software. The website Design and Everything you see on site is and cannot exceed 20% of what BCCL Project is!

How we do that?
iBaroody uses: Highest Levels and the latest of all technologies most modern Programming designed & developed to last BCCL MINIMUM 10 years. iBaroody used 10 different Database for specific search for each type documents. Also all Database connected in one Search software. Advanced Search features component designed developed from scratch by iBaroody to fully customize BCCLuser experience fast, friendly easy to use and find Legal Documents. Please NOTE: BCCL users are Bank managers, Banking officials, and International banking industry representative to learn more about Banking in Lebanon rules, regulations and laws

Enables BCCL to go fully Digital with all Business Solutions ready to be used. In Addition to all BIG Data management easy solutions using different database and libraries, BCCL is the ONLY Governmental site Hosted on CLOUD Loading Processors, Secured, Safe, Backed up & fully managed by the TRUSTED iBaroody CLOUD Server Administration Services using Amazon.com High End Hardware & Machines. Amazon created & invented the CLOUD Technology!


OHB is built with better cleaner BLOG pages than Huffington Post using the latest CMS/CRM more modern!      2 Languages

- iBaroody English Video Page: Video High End Page

English: Compare with CNN.com designs: CNN Video Page

- iBaroody Arabic videos design: Arabic Video Page

Arabic: Compare it to AlJazeera.net design: AlJazeera Video Page


Quicken a multimillion dollars USA company since 1984 selling the famous Quicken Finance software.

iBaroody project
(Website, System, Customized Programming in order to develop a unique original software resulting in:

Online Business as eCommerce: Finance, Corporate, and software eCommerce software under one roof.

iBaroody used the latest technologies to develop a unique eCommerce software system. The owner of CFO enjoys the ability to fully run and manage the entire business online. iBaroody developed user accounts including corporate accounts.

A Corporate Account is customized for hundreds and thousands of special licensing for individual users. Corporate accounts allows companies, universities and business entity to manage, administer thousands of individual licenses who is using each, when they used it, when they downloaded, and when each license expires. Corporate accounts provide their owners with the ability to upload an excel/App with thousands of users. The system automatically creates individual user accounts for each email in the excel/App

Super ADMIN has the ability to create codes with various settings to cater to Resellers, bulk purchasing and tens of other scenarios.

Super ADMIN is equipped with the latest Affiliates Software allowing any web owner and/or corporations to use their affiliate account to generate commissions and profit from CFO Finance Applications.



High Level eCommerce

Multi-Million Dollar companies that own two way eCommerce websites which in reality is a complete Online Business fully automated, usually have to spend thousands of man hours to create their own CMS (Administration) using PHP Platforms. .Net Programming since 2007 is the wrong choice to go.
PHP is the current most favored programming language as it is the only programming language that does not require continuous programming to maintain its system and software.

Magento PHP Programming Benefits

No Developers that are up to date use .Net unless companies have not adapted to PHP.
PHP programming usually is not learned in College or Universities. It is something programmers grow up using before they even go to school.

Unique System

- iBaroody has taken the Most popular classiest eCommerce software globally called Magento.
- iBaroody re-write all the PHP programming in order to turn Magento to in to two way eCommerce.
- Buyers and Sellers
- Magento is not designed and developed for such systems.
- Magento is used by Retailers or Companies to sell to anyone directly.
- The Retailer or Company is always the Seller and the only seller.

iBaroody new Magento system is so advanced and not many worldwide own anything like it.
- Very large famous Buyers | Sellers websites use their own CMS created using PHP Platforms.
- The man hours involved it takes around one year and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop.
- Using platforms to develop such online eCommerce software, in reality results in a faster website and increases performance.
- Companies that use PHP platform must hire programmers full time staff to maintain, work on their systems daily.

Using Magento for this system is very unique and demanding.
- The money iBaroody saved clients is in the tens of thousands of USD’s.
- The man hours involved is about 40% less than using PHP Platforms.

Performance of using Magento:

With Internet Speed available today users, buyers, and sellers will not feel the difference between using existing CMS websites and system Vs. Using Platforms.

CLOUD Hosting

iBaroody complex websites and online software are Hosted on CLOUD servers which increases the speed of the website and system, increases performance, and provides iBaroody clients with the ability to conduct their business daily without having to worry about backups, the possibly of their entire online business crashing, going offline.

The main advantage of CLOUD hosting Vs. Dedicated?

The entire website and system is running on Multiple servers at all times.


MSNBC is one of the TOP 3 Media Giants in the USA Same level cable news network as CNN.com and FoxNews.com MSNBC before CNN and Foxnews.com (Still not RESPONSIVE) has recognized the value of redesigning and redeveloping their website to make it so High End yet simple specifically implemented to have the website to its thing and at the same time take over the failed Mobile Application technology.
They have taken the RESPONSOIVE technology to a higher level by reducing the size of their Header area and similar to CNN you will now see the MENU ICON standard now days for all Mobile Menus, as their website Main Menu button.

MSNBC using WebTV Platform has built a standard Media showcase front page first showcase users see and play the latest news videos. Although it is not original, they have built it well.
Web Video Production

- iBaroody even went further in building the highest level Medias Showcase. As iBaroody manipulated programing using the latest technologies of DHTML and   advanced PHP added Drop Boxes Automated Video playing
- Each Video has its own image by default.
- Each Video is connected to a unique original Video Page.
- Each Video Slider Bar has 3 different functions compared to MSNBC.com has only one.

Simple Language: iBaroody turned the Video Showcase and Media player into the latest showcase for videos online Mobile or web, without having to pay tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase/lease WebTV platform and WebTV CDN iBaroody programming saved iBaroody from having to purchase WebTV from third party companies, yet has uniquely accomplished the latest in Video technology and showcasing same looks, functions, features of a WebTV? User will not see nor know the difference!!!


High End Corporate Multiple Languages

A- www.FProtocolLeb.com  3 Languages

B- Arab Architect the Union of Architects in 20 Arab Countries   3 Languages


Highest Level Website and fully Automated System for Web owner to own any EVENTS Online Business


Harvard the Home School of Facebook Founder and rated number 1 University in the world especially it’s Law School and Business Department

Super University School Site Software System
iBaroody’s Websites is bigger more modern.
Joomla 3.4.8 Used
JomSocial latest version for Web 2.0
Super Admin Global Websites in 3 languages
Admin   14 Schools each has its own Admin and Website CMS/CRM
Each School Websites is in 3 languages
Each Admin School Has 3 User Accounts
All full Web 2.0 Function and Featured All CRM Functions and Features
Entire System designed developed for 14 different Schools/colleges different locations to communicate and be joined online under one roof


Highest End Magneto System website with the first Drop Down menus that contain Parents Links, Child Links, and Grand Child Links Blessing entire website and database changes as you choose which country Stores you want to browse their products. Once country Store is chosen entire website and database changes.


High End Magento.
Largest Online Food Delivery System possible.
Owner may Add any country
All Restaurants
Each restaurant has its own complete entire ecommerce system to order menu items online
User change country entire system changes and database
Including all cities
Including All Features | Most Popular Items | Most Areas in Demand


Largest most Modern NGO Website and System
System Includes Customized Programming in order:
All Types of Users to Join
Search by Country
Each User has the ability to create their own personal Profile that includes Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter Functions combined
In Addition it is the ONLY NGO System that allows members to Add an entire online ecommerce store.
Add their Products
Products will be displays on their Members Profile website
Products will be displayed in a global database in order to allow any member to Sell or Buy online


More advanced Search customized Programming.
More modern real Estate System using Word Press first Year Real Estate Plugins and Component
2 Languages


One of the largest most prestige’s Jewelry Company in the world.
Same ecommerce system
iBaroody Project is RESPONSIVE Cartier is NOT


Number 1 Women Magazine in the USA


Number 1 European Motorcycles Brand
iBaroody Ducati eCommerce Web
iBaroody ecommerce system more modern
iBaroody Project is larger and bigger as it contains several other companies products such as Helmets not offered by Ducati
Motorcycle Helmets


Number one Newspaper and magazine in France and in French

iBaroody French Media site.
iBaroody’s Website Contains an Online Magazine System
Customized Programming: User changes the weekly issue using a scroll down menu entire Website content with ads and banners changes to that week’s issue.


Highest Level Real estate System/Portal/Business Properties management solutions online


a MULTI-MILLION Dollars company, Website, and System
Number online website for all IT companies, Programmers, providers to post BID find jobs, contracts, get projects. For anyone to post any project and find the right company or freelancers globally to go with.


www.AlJazeera.net Number 1 Arabic Media TV Station
iBaroody website and Media System was more modern than Al Jazeera in Arabic


www.CNN.com Arabic
in 2011 Al Yasariya was larger than CNN in Arabic
Continued Report System built from scratch by iBaroody
in Addition unlike CNN in 2011 iBaroody Project contained all users to join create their own Profile to BLOG/become Citizen Journalists with all Web 2.0 Functions
Unlike CNN in 2011
iBaroody project contained both WebTV Live Streaming and VOD regular Streaming to save client serious capital on Video Hosting for Archive of videos.


For the year iBaroody Project was the Highest level possible for any country based Information, Directory, and all information to help Tourists learn about the country’s TOP destinations and tourists attractions


One of the first Websites globally to use PHP Programming
to Use CSS technology replacing Java in order to create Main Menu Drop Down menu with Sub-Drop Down menus loading speed 20 times faster than using Java.

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