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CLOUD services hurting ISP companies and Famous Software Companies

Web-Based CLOUD services hurting ISP companies and Famous Software Companies

Setting up CLOUD Servers on Site

As good as it sounds several Middle Eastern Companies Server companies, IT, ISP providers and hosting companies have recognized the importance of CLOUD Servers and CLOUD Computing as it is the future of all BIG Data management, better server security, storage, backup server’ solutions that cannot be ignored nor disputed anymore.

Here is what they are doing:

They are investing hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of USD buying servers and machines to setups and install on site. Then they connect the servers with software and already built CLOUD systems to create Loading processors. How CLOUD works? One server controls several. One server gives the CLOUD Network owner or customer the ability to add already made serves and already setup server online with an average one hour to do so. Add or remove a server from the loading processor.

CLOUD is the future cannot be denied nor ever stopped.

CLOUD Serves on Site the worst decision to make:

BUT here is the issue:

Regardless the types of machines any ISP company rich or famous buys? Within six months they will be degraded by 40% regarding their technological abilities such as RAM, MEMORY, processing speed so forth.

1- Server machines and hardware on the site has to use Internet cabling from the country’s top Internet Network infrastructure owners. Regardless the speed of their dedicated bandwidth? This Internet speed cannot and will never get close to competing with USA cabling, satellite, and now fiber optics networks.
2- In the Middle East as Internet networks started with the use of existing phone lines, then moved to satellite they missed the most effective Internet Speed bandwidth infrastructure “Cable.”
3- Internet Bandwidth using Phone lines Vs. using Cable lines instead.
4- Cable uses the same tubes and space underground adjacent to all existing phone lines.
5- All cabling start from the Cable companies Main server HUB.
6- Each Cabling goes to another boost station to maintain speed.
7- Cables CAT 5 or CAT 6 then are spread out to each home and business same as telephone lines infrastructure concept.

Satellite Internet Services

In parallel in the USA, two major companies used the existing Wireless, cellular and TV satellites to start providing satellite Internet modems and receivers for ISP services.

Fiber Optic Internet Services

NOW Fiber Optics is the most advanced Internet bandwidth transporter.

  • One fiber optic line can quickly provide the Internet user with up to 50M download speed and 50M upload speed.
  • Cables including CAT 6 can quickly provide 15M to 25M however it costs more money to do so than fiber optics.
  • When ISP (Internet Service Providers) companies claim they offer 8M speed or 4M Internet speed it is NOT dedicated internet connection.
    Your Internet connection slows down as there are hundreds of other users (their customers) that can use the same wiring or satellite bandwidth thus slowing yours down and even sometimes an 8 M drops to 0.5 download speed.
  • History of how Internet Service Providers evolved providing all their subscribers with faster and faster Internet Speed: In the USA to measure and know how your Internet speed works you look at your upload speed and not the download speed.

Dedicated Internet Connection vs. NOT Dedicated (No one IP Address Assigned )

And let’s say in Lebanon 8M download speed if possible?
The upload speed cannot exceed 1 M

4M download speed the upload speed is 0.5

Upload Speed: How fast can you upload from your PC to online.

Download speed? How fast you download or load web pages from the Internet.
When you must have your dedicated Internet line:
Dedicated Internet services mean you are assigned one IP Address that no one else can use or tap to the bandwidth you use and have available for you.

If you have an Intranet setup at your company and let’s say you have LIVE CAMs at your office for security or other reasons? You must purchase your dedicated Internet connection.

Amazon created CLOUD technologies in 2006

AWS (Amazon Web Services) include all CLOUD services because CLOUD is meant to be server’s accessibility and building your Intranet using CLOUD server and machines NOT ON SITE! That is the entire primary purpose of CLOUD to replace the money spent on hardware, maintenance, updates, upgrades, using your security, IT staff to manage CLOUD.

CLOUD is built from day one to be web based.

So why would any serious ISP company with multi-million USD investment today be trying to build their on-site CLOUD server network? Isn’t it clear if they just read all there is about CLOUD and the primary purposes of CLOUD from day one they are building or investing an entire company and its fortune based on one thing and one thing only?

Fighting or arguing why Amazon created CLOUD?

Prediction: No company can ever succeed building their on-site CLOUD setup to sell CLOUD loading processors, host companies BIG data and the money they will make regardless how many customers and loyal clients they have? Is impossible to sustain just the hardware involved to be able to compete with CLOUD companies such as Amazon and now even Google in 2016 has finally figured it out that they must own a chunk of this business and they have to compete with Amazon. Now Google is and has started selling CLOUD services equivalent to and as effective as Amazon and of course for much cheaper pricing. Cheaper yes but only for now!!! Until they have enough clients and significant numbers of subscribers paying them monthly then gradually pricing will increase.


1- No one can compete with Amazon, Google, and the few other famous reputable American companies when it comes to setting up CLOUD servers Hardware.
The entire purpose of why CLOUD is taking over destroying dedicated servers and Intranet Infrastructure is because CLOUD clients and users do not have to buy, setup, deal with, secure, and build their infrastructure more important? How much money is going to take to sustain this hardware, upgrade, add memory, storage so forth?

2- It is impossible financially and any CLOUD expert and CLOUD experienced company such as iBaroody since 2011 will prove how statistically it is not feasible nor possible for any ISP business and affluent investors to do anything to sell CLOUD servers, loading processors, CLOUD administration, and cloud hosting unless they create accounts with the two primary companies Amazon or Google and use their already set hardware.

3- Microsoft for three years now has been promoting and trying to sell their CLOUD services. They have failed, and all Microsoft exclusive resellers, especially in Dubai and other major cities outside the USA, will tell you no one is buying or using Microsoft CLOUD hardware and CLOUD services because CLOUD is not Microsoft business nor expertise?

CLOUD Business Prediction Based on Global Email Services Business Success and Trend

As Microsoft lost the selling business of emails to Google, Gmail corporate and individual accounts. Solidifying that even Microsoft cannot and will never be able to compete with Gmail emailing systems.

They tried giving millions of emails for free.
In hopes after one year, they can charge for the same emails IDs.

Business, NGOs, individuals, and corporations that did benefit from one year free emails turned around and bought Gmail the second year.

For $100 Google can provide you with minimum 100GB Webmail storage.

Google owns 20 million servers plus.

How is it possible for any company global or even Local to compete with Google and their number one emailing system? Is the answer clear? It is IMPOSSIBLE.

Same applies to CLOUD technologies.

Example: A Local ISP and hosting company regardless how big and famous they are doing business since 1995 in an individual country. BUYs their servers to host and sell emails. They failed. Now they are just resellers for any of the major USA companies such as GoDaddy etc… buying or leasing servers at monthly fees then turning around and reselling at higher prices claiming they own then hardware and making affiliates fees.

  • Or how is it possible that they can make any money for reseller’s fees and discounts will never generate enough profits to hire and run an IT department.
  • So now as big as an ISP or hosting company is? All that they do is forward their client’s complaints, and emails to the original server providers.
  • Prediction: Sooner or later this concept will fail as it is compared to the most basic necessary knowledge: how to buy a Domain Name and who sells Domain names?
  • How can a company claim that they provide anyone with Domain Name?

They do not.

Comparing Reselling Servers, Emails and Hosting with Domain Name simplest sales facts:

They go to USA Domain name registrars, and most do not even use the number 1 most reliable GoDaddy.com they go with the cheaper.

They pay an average of $10 a year for each domain.

And take advantage of companies, and individual web owners business owners lack knowledge.

And turn around and sell them the same $10 Domain name per year for $100 a year?

In reality?
Anyone create an account for free with any Domain Name Registrar and pay $13 to $15 to get the same domain name and save 300% a year?

CLOUD Servers hurting ISP companies:

As ISP companies now think using their hardware setting their CLOUD infrastructure is the best solution: (If they do not)? It is impossible for them to make money from reselling fees by going with the top USA Company’s use of hardware.

Also because all the Computer engineers on site, IT specialists and Dedicated Server programmers and administrators are not able to learn how to use the biggest CLOUD hardware providers as it does take years of experience creating accounts, maintaining, growing, managing; they feel starting from zero is the only solution because they cannot get any training from Amazon or Google in this department.

The combination of A and B

They are statically Doomed in business.

Unbeatable Advantages Using Amazon and Google Cloud servers

  • Will never be beat
  • Cannot be beat
  • They grow daily
  • They offer better machines and or advanced technologies monthly
  • Their prices cannot be touched
  • They own this industry

– It is time for ISP companies and the multi-million dollars investors who believe the ISP business management and consultants that their millions used as the capital to set up an onsite CLOUD server network to profit from selling such accounts, hosting, storage and bandwidth?

Is something we still cannot understand how they can make such decisions


ISP Companies, Hosting Companies and Famous Software Companies are going HURT & lose business because of CLOUD

Reasons & Proof:

  • Same as Domain names sales explained well here
  • Same as how Google dominated Emails
  • Same as Google destroyed all browsers making Chrome number 1
  • Same concept as Amazon forced Microsoft to try their CLOUD services
  • Same concept as the biggest companies such as Cisco, Oracle SAP (European) have to sell CLOUD on-site setups because their complete software is based on Intranet infrastructure and now? They cannot deal with the advantages of CLOUD beating Dedicated.
  • Famous software companies To sell their software?

Their Consultants (Sales) have to convince almost force companies to invest in millions of USD to build their CLOUD infrastructure to use this traditional software.

Famous Software Companies have a Business Problem

1- CLOUD Servers beats 60% of their sales pitch & Experiences

-Because the famous software companies will look very stupid setting up their Amazon account per say for they have to include their CLOUD server services to sell their software.
Will make their entire companies brand and experience seem foolish when small businesses such as iBaroody can do everything they have to do then, we already have years of experience ahead of them in CLOUD server networks and administration.

Same Software Development to deliver same exact software as the owner of the famous software brands have to sell licenses:

2- The Famous software used reselling licenses has another Problem Open Source Programming

Built the same but for CLOUD and not on-site hardware

to add to the significant software companies problems? Built and licensed based on Infrastructure on the site? Claiming security, better control is the main advantage?

CLOUD? Destroyed this sale as argument

Web-based programming systems, existing open sources?

Any fine, experienced web and software development company?

Can literary build the same exact software like Oracle, SAP or any other industry based software and existing systems, as broad and complex such famous software are:

Estimate to build the same and better: 10,000 Programming hours
Timeframe: 1 year and three months testing.

From Day One
-We build it for CLOUD Web base cloud machines.