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Oftentimes, navigating a software or application for the first time can be troublesome in the least, and downright frustrating. Without prior knowledge of how to use a software, it can quickly turn from something designed to help you get a task done, to something that only further obfuscates the task, and confuses the user

Here at iBaroody, we know how frustrating it can be to be presented with a complicated, hard-to-navigate mess – so alongside prioritizing simple functionality and a lean, minimalistic designing philosophy, we also offer our clients comprehensive and carefully crafted tutorials, in the form of customized software design.

How Can iBaroody’s Software Design Help You?

Our customized software design comes in a simple form – in a way, it’s like a sitemap for applications and software instead of websites. We detail each function, process and label in the software, and then describe its exact specifications and usage in a simple way. That way, a cursory glance through our pre-built custom software manual gives all clients a quick and easy summary of what the software does, as well as a more in-depth point of reference for each function in their new software.

As such, our software development process includes the addition of a manual that aims to:

  • Address each function separately.
  • Explains the software’s uses.
  • Goes into detail regarding each process and function.

It’s easy to use, answers any and all questions, and makes quick work of teaching people how to use the software or application. Best of all, it’s a service we provide to all of our software development clients.

The origin of our software manuals is simple: although there are other ways to introduce software to our clients, simply building a comprehensive manual makes it much easier to transition into the explanation of administrative tools, user functions, and how the business can use the tool to further provide excellent services to their clients. Contact us today, so we can ensure that you and your business’ employees quickly get the gist of our developed applications and software, so you can seamlessly get back to serving customers and clients.

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