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iBaroody is one of the best digital marketing companies in Lebanon!

iBaroody’s Digital Marketing services are based on latest trends and the use of the latest digital marketing techniques, ideas, references, and online advertising campaigns.

As Digital marketing started overtaking traditional marketing, advertising, and PR in exposure and effects, iBaroody recognized over 10 years ago the importance of Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing in Lebanon and the Middle East, and became the best digital agency in Lebanon.

What makes iBaroody the best company for digital marketing in Lebanon, is its obsession with research!

Behind any successful digital marketing campaign, lies market research. Digital marketing campaigns are combination of several Internet and Online Marketing Services.

If you are looking to hire a service for Digital marketing and advertising in Lebanon, iBaroody is your best choice, here’s why –


We have been working in the field of digital marketing for over 10 years now and have successfully served hundreds of clients all over the world.

An effective digital marketing campaign requires in-depth knowledge on a wide array for topics such as SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Paid media etc. We have that expertise! This is one of the reasons for which we are named amongst the best Digital marketing firms & Digital Agencies in Lebanon.


We have employed the best tools for marketing automation, analytics and paid search management. We have these systems and softwares in place and the correct knowledge to use them to the benefit of our clients.


We have been working as a complete business solutions company and digital agency in Lebanon for more than 14 years. We have also served more than 1300 clients worldwide. The collective experience of our staff goes even beyond that.

Result Orientation

We believe in results that can be measured. There are many things and steps involved in digital marketing and measuring ROI sometimes become tough. We don’t serve our clients with false promises. We give them concrete, measurable results.


We understand the importance of time, then be it our clients’ or our employees’. We make sure everything falls on the place where it should and the client doesn’t have to suffer any loss of time due to us. We are extremely punctual and professional.

Hiring iBaroody is one of the best things you can do to uplift your business. You can also consult iBaroody for digital marketing training in Lebanon!


Digital Marketing experience to provide Digital marketing for FREE Consultation

How to Start Where and What?

Digital marketing is not social media marketing. However it is advertising marketing and social media sites are a great source for new visitors.

Work Plan Campaign Design:

iBaroody creates in advance a complete well researched and studied digital marketing campaign. This excludes the use of any traditional media marketing and advertising.

Affordable Spending

Digital advertising and marketing is very affordable when compared to the marketing reach and power spent on traditional media adverting.

Here are some steps of how to spend little money yet get highly effective results:

– Customized Graphics design for different ad groups and banner sizes.

– Choosing various Pay Per click programs to advertise on famous high traffic content related websites.

– Using Social media websites to advertise based on targeted audience.

– Using Facebook Ads

– Using YouTube Ads by Google.

– Using LinkedIn Ads

– Important targeted Search terms in the Google rankings

It is vital for any advertisers not to duplicate ads and over create channels in order to over reach and grabbing audience by creating several accounts or channels for each specific website.

Digital Marketing Challenges:

There are many challenges that go with any digital marketing campaigns

Yet the cons and pros of digital marketing successes are highly worth the money any business  spends on marketing their services and or products.

Branding is always a Success Guaranteed:

With each dime spent properly on any digital marketing  strategies there is always the one main exist strategy. Your Name and reputation BRANDING alone will be worth the investment even if you do not feel the fast sales and or interaction right away.

When people see your name and clearly know what you do best in a flash 2 to 3 seconds of attention span?

Rest assured sooner or later they will return or search for you later.

This is one of the greatest advantages of digital marketing in Lebanon due to the small country population.

Advertising through word of mouth starting it digitally and not having to spend heavily on other marketing methods specifically traditional Media and billboards in Lebanon

Learn more about Digital marketing and Digital Advertising successful campaigns in Lebanon

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our digital marketing experts now!

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