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Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for marketing. What makes it so great is the fact that it’s cheaper and gives greater ROI when compared to other channels.

Email marketing by far is the most effective way of directly communicating with your audience and grow your business exponentially!

iBaroody is the Best Email Marketing Company in Lebanon, that offers worldwide email marketing services to a variety of brands. Our team of experts understands your business and its audience. Using techniques curated after decades of experiments and successful work, our team conceptualizes and creates campaigns that deliver results!

How we are different than other email marketing companies?

We know what works therefore we have illuminated the usage of using software and any other automated form in email marketing. We have narrowed our email lists down to less than 20,000. This has allowed us to serve you with manual email marketing. A real person will send your emails one by one. This ensures all emails go straight to the inbox of the targeted user rather than to his/her junk mail folder. The result of1000 manually-sent emails equal to that of 10,000 automated ones (Considered spam).

Here is what a good email marketing service, like iBaroody, can do for your brand:-

1. Increase your Penetration

There are more than 3 billion email accounts today. That is like half the population of earth. Out of this, 95% of online consumers use email, and 91% of these, at least, check their email once a day.

A right email marketing service can give you access to the audience you never knew were there.

2. Extend your Reach

Email is great at extending your reach.

Surveys say 18% of emails never reach their audience or are blocked and around 4% is delivered to the junk folder. Even if you remove this 22%, the results are still greater than marketing on social media channels, says Facebook, where almost 75% of your messages are potentially missed by the audience (this doesn’t negate the importance of Social Media though).

3. Increase your Life Span

Social Media channels have a very short lifespan.75% of FB post impressions are achieved in under 2.5 hours (source∷ WiseMetrics). Twitter is even shorter, your reach can be predicted in the first five minutes (source: The Twoujia)
Email never expires, it sits there in the inbox unless read or deleted. An email sent can be read days, or even months afterward.

4. Multiply your ROI

Email marketing is much cheaper when compared to social media marketing.

This allows you to increase your budget and extend your reach to an even higher number of people, thereby increasing the net ROI.

The trick is to find the right email marketing service.

5. Measure your Engagement

Measuring the performance (engagement) of your email marketing campaigns is much easier.

This allows you to have a deeper insight into your audience demographics. You can then modify your strategies and alter your campaigns to achieve greater results.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our experts now to boost your brand!


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