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What Is Utility Billing Software?
(Energy, Water, Electrical Utility Companies)

Utility billing software helps providers track usage of the utility services they offer, e.g., water, gas, electricity, wastewater, and sanitation. It then helps these providers manage the billing process based on the usage data collected.

Different systems offer a range of functionalities such as meter management, invoice management, and payment processing to manage the entire billing process. These software systems can be deployed either on your premises or in the cloud.

Common Features of Utility Billing Software
(Energy, Water, Electrical Utility Companies)

Vendors offer a variety of functional breadth and depth in their utility billing software. Here are some of the most common capabilities:

Account management

Store searchable account information with searchable with fields such as customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and any other user-defined fields. The account page can be customized to the utility provider’s specific needs.

Meter management

View the complete usage history for any specific meter in both graphical and chart form, along with the option to print the bill.

Customer management

Centralized customer database that includes account notes, billing and interaction history and usage statistics. Enables customer service agents to provide quick and efficient service to customers and ultimately enhance customer relations.

Metered billing

Upload meter readings automatically from various electronic meter reading devices to the system and charge customers based on their usage. Meter devices are usually managed by the utility service provider, and the software is designed to integrate with commonly used devices.

Nonmetered billing

Enables billing for utilities offered through flat rates or fixed one-time charges. Nonmetered flat rates are usually higher than metered rates and are often intended for higher volume usage customers.

Rate management

Manage complex utility rate calculations (such as different rates in different areas or varying normal and peak hour rates) and multiple pricing options. Create separate rate schedules and tier blocks for different areas and times of the day.

Move in and move out

Move-in/move-out capabilities track the date when a customer moves in or out of the location where the meter reading device is installed to ensure you are billing the correct customer.

Online payment processing

Allows providers to offer flexible online payment options to their customers. Includes features such as emailed receipts, single payment for multiple bills, etc. Maintains a record of all past payment transactions.

Penalty/cut-off processing

Allows users to define and create penalties based on multiple calculation methods for customers who make payments after the due date.

Benefits of Utility Billing Software

Some of the more general benefits of introducing software to automate key tasks should already be apparent from this discussion. However, some of the specific benefits of implementing utility billing software include the following:

Identification of customer usage patterns. With this software, users can view the usage history of all customers in either graphical or chart form. This helps users identify customers that are heavy consumers of a utility service and take measures to maintain and enhance those relationships by offering discounts or other benefits. In addition, users can study the patterns to scale their business in heavy usage areas.

Managing multiple client locations. For a single customer with properties in multiple locations, utility billing software can help users manage to bill either on a single invoice or separate bills, according to the customer’s preference.

Data security. Cloud-based utility billing software offers encrypted data backups on a regular basis. Most of these systems are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant and offer bank-level encryption through multiple servers. Safe and secure transactions help users build better customer relations since they can ensure all personal data remains safe.


TOP & BEST Utility Billing Software in the World
(Energy, Water, Electrical Utility Companies)

Cogsdale CIS

Cogsdale Customer Information System (CIS) is an on-premise and cloud-based utility billing solution. It provides a meter-to-cash feature, and the billing engine calculates bills for electric, water, sewer, stormwater, gas, refuse…

CIS Utility Billing

CIS Utility Billing is a Windows-based utility billing solution for water, electricity, gas, waste and sewer utilities. The solution enables utility providers to manage payments, deposits, customer accounts, tax and meters through…


Muni-Link is a cloud-based utility billing solution designed for utility providers for municipal authorities, boroughs, and cities to manage their payments, billing notices, interest rates, and penalties. The system provides integration…

El Dorado Utility Billing

El Dorado by Creative Technologies is a cloud-based customer and meter management solution for utility companies to manage their billing process. It features meter reading, billing analytics, and usage tracking. Users can set up utility…

Rural Billing

Rural Billing is a utility billing solution for small utility companies in rural areas. The solution allows users to create customer profiles and set up tariff plans. Users can create multiple rate plans based on a combination of services…


Quikwater is a cloud-based utility billing solution for small and midsize municipal bodies. The solution handles water and sewer charges. It provides a database where a municipal body can store data for all residents.


SOFTWater is a Windows-based utility billing solution that helps small and midsize utilities bill customers for water, gas, sanitation, sewage and electricity use. It is available as a standalone product or as a part of SOFTSuite Total…


MuniBilling is a utility billing solution for governments and private utility providers. It offers features such as a customer portal, online payments, and meter integration. The solution allows users to give access to customers, so


Capricorn is a self-service web portal solution that integrates billing, online payments, customer history, and consumption information into a single web portal. The solution provides customers with self-help tools to manage utilities


UtilityTrakR is a cloud-based utility billing solution designed to help manage the utility operations of cities, municipalities, co-operatives and more. It helps users process payments, send electronic bills, provides customer service

Assist: Utility Billing

assist: Utility Billing is a Windows-based utility billing solution for municipalities, local governments, water districts, and private utilities. The solution integrates with Microsoft Office and allows users to manage customer accounts


MetalEZ is an integrated hybrid enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business process management (BPM) solution from ABIS. Key features include approval tracking and processing, an automated alert system, a contract management system


Skybill is an on-premise and cloud-based utility billing solution. The solution helps users define properties and service addresses for each customer. Users can set multiple tariff plans based on the combination of rates and services.


Utilibill is a cloud-based solution that features invoice and payment management for utility billing. The solution allows users to access customer information. Users can customize HTML invoices with their branding, using an integrated.

Visual Utility Billing

Visual Utility Billing is a cloud-based utility billing solution designed to help municipalities and authorities to manage their daily operations. Key features include billing, payment processing, and customer service.

Omniware’s Dynamics Billing

Omniware’s Dynamics Billing is an easy-to-use utility billing solution that takes you from meter data to delivered invoice in just one click. Omniware will integrate with your meter systems, migrate your historical data, deploy you.


UMS2000 is a Windows-based utility management solution that helps small and large utility providers and municipalities automate their daily operations. Key features include billing management, audit trails, rate analysis, team management.



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