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Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software (EAS), is computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users. Such organizations include businesses, schools, interest-based user groups, clubs, charities, and governments.



World software leader Microsoft reported net revenue of $85.27bn, representing a $1.2bn decrease in sales year-over-year. However, the company reported an increase in profits of over $6.5bn, the largest growth in the 10-year period. Microsoft revenue in 2018 has returned to growth, with cloud services continuing to boost Office revenues, as revenues grew by nearly 10% to $7bn. LinkedIn revenues grew by 475% to $1.3bn, according to Forbes.


With 136,000 employees, Oracle is the largest employer in the top 10. Based in Redwood City, California, the software giant specializes in enterprise software and computer hardware products and services, according to Forbes. Oracle reported net revenue of $37.43bn in 2017, representing a less than $0.25bn increase over the previous financial year, making this the smallest instance of sales growth experienced by a company in the top 10. However, Oracle achieved this small growth (along with a $100mn growth in profits) in the face of a massive, $20bn expansion of its asset portfolio.

3- SAP

German software company SAP reported net revenue of $24.41bn in 2017, making it the largest software company in Europe. This represents a $1.1bn increase in revenue year over year, bringing sales to a 10-year high point. The company provides enterprise application software and software-related services worldwide, according to Forbes. Last month, SAP announced a $2.4bn acquisition of US software sales firm Callidus to boost revenues from its cloud platform. CEO Bill McDermott said it would streamline its overall business this year to bolster margins, Reuters reports.

4- CDW

Illinois-based software company CDW provides information technology services to private corporations, government agencies, education, and healthcare institutions, according to Forbes. The company reported net revenue of $13.98bn in 2017, representing a sales growth of just under $1bn year-to-year. In addition to steady revenue growth over the eight-year period, CDW continues a return to profitability after consecutive negative profits in 2012, 2013, and 2014. With 8,516 registered employees, CDW is the smallest job creator on the top 10 list.


San Francisco-based company Salesforce.com Inc. reported net revenue of $8.39bn in 2017. This represents a more than $1.5bn growth in sales year-over-year, with the company also experiencing a return to profit ($179.6mn) after a five-year period of net losses. Salesforce.com specializes in customer relationship management, providing services ranging from sales force automation, customer service and support, and marketing automation, to digital commerce, community management, analytics, application development, IoT integration, collaborative productivity tools, and professional cloud services.


Based in Palo Alto, California, VMware specializes in the development and application of virtualization technologies with x86 server-based computing, separating application software from the underlying hardware, according to Forbes. The company reported net revenue of $7.09bn in 2017, representing an increase in sales of over $0.3bn year-over-year. Last month, Dell CEO, Michael Dell, confirmed rumors that the sales company is in negotiations to merge with VMware later this year. Morgan Stanley analysts, however, warn that the “reverse merger” would be the worst option for VMware shareholders, potentially decreasing the company’s market value by as much as $28bn, CRN reports.


Indian IT services company, HCL Technologies reported net revenue of $6.27bn in 2017. This represents a growth in sales of over $0.3bn year-over-year, bringing total revenue to a ten-year high point. The company provides holistic, multi-service delivery in the financial services, manufacturing, consumer services, public services, and healthcare industries.


Located in San Jose, California, digital marketing and media solutions company Adobe Systems reported net revenue of $6.1bn in 2017, representing an increase in sales of over $1bn; revenue, asset portfolio size, and profits all reached a 10-year high. The company offers creative cloud services, providing access to its products, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and Adobe InDesign, as well as utilize other tools, such as Adobe Acrobat, according to Forbes.


Wisconsin-based software company Fiserv Inc. provides electronic financial services, including the processing of electronic payments, account management, and cash management and consulting services to banks, thrifts, and credit unions. The company reported net revenue of $5.5bn in 2017. This represents a 10-year high point in sales for the company; its asset portfolio and annual profits also increased, to nine-year high points. The company’s management continues to execute strategy with 32 years of consecutive double-digit EPS growth, according to Seeking Alpha.


Based in Madrid, the Amadeus IT Group reported net revenue of $4.95bn in 2017, representing growth in sales of over $0.6bn year-over-year. The company provides transaction processing solutions to the global travel and tourism industry, including full-service carriers, low-cost airlines, hotels, rail operators, cruise and ferry operators, car rental companies and tour operators, travel agencies, both online and offline, according to Forbes. In addition to financial services, Amadeus IT also provides technical support solutions to its customer base.



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