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ID #1022

Pay Per Click?

What is Pay Per Click?


The concept of pay per click meets the need and requirements of today’s society and economical stability very well. It is a concept rather a set up that suits the entire population at the same time. The concept is based on the pay for as much as u need and as much as you use utilize. And therefore is by far the best thing that could have been invented for the benefit of Internet users. These days many web sites have started charging people for their services and the person is required to pay a monthly or annual fees to access the site and use its services. Even music web sites charge a fee for downloads; there are many people who are not able to pay that fee however the pay per click method suits them the best. Another function that pay per click has is the companies hire people to work at home and visit their web sites and these people get paid a certain sum of money for every site link they click. That way the web sites get a large number of hits and gains from the advertisement.

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