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Search Engines: How they work?

How do search engines work?

A search engine is a word-search machine and is a primary method of finding web pages. When you type a word, phrase or sentence in a search engine, it immediately gives the results. It is better to use one word or a phrase rather than a sentence, which would not be so effective if a particular phrase does not give the desired results. The rephrasing of the phrase can give better results. The more specific you are, the better are the results.

A metasearch engine displays results from multiple search engines. In other words we can say that search engines harvest information. Search engines performance depends on how fast they perform a particular search. Some like the yahoo search engine perform a wider range of search than others. The search varies depending on the speed and performance of the engine. Information consists of images, web pages and other types of files. A search engine operates in the following manner- First comes web crawling, than indexing and than searching. Web crawler is also given the name ‘spider’ by techies. A vast majority of search engines are owned by private companies. Tons of information can be found by the help of these search engines. The more a person uses them, the more he finds out the relevant information. They can be of immense importance if used appropriately. More and more of these engines would increase the overall speed of search while increasing the scope of the search. It can also be used scrupulously to gain more and more of the information. They are extremely difficult to build and require a lot of time to come into implantation phase.
          Search engines are a result of a complex piece of code. The more a person uses the Internet, the more he gets to know about the search engines. The search engines can be used to find positive piece of information as well as negative pieces of information can also be found out. It depends on how you utilize these engines and the utilization varies from person to person. As much positive information can be extracted with the help of these search engines as well as negative, they also contain other pieces of information such as jobs, music, movies etc. The search engines are to Internet as root is to a tree. Both are inter-related and inter knit. Some of these engines have pictorial representations, while the others are without them. Some even have illustrations. The information can be searched and downloaded with the help of these engines. The more someone uses them the more in depth knowledge about them he comes across. There is no dearth of information one can extract from these engines. These engines are the blood of the Internet. Their importance is immense as far as Internet is concerned.

Search Engine Optimization Why you need it?

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