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How to Promote your site?

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How does a search engines find my website?

How does a search engines find my website

Getting a search engine to pick up your page during a search would depend on more than one factor. At the top of list would be that your website that contains the searched keywords. People who have little knowledge about your business would use the most common term to refer to your business. On the other hand people who are familiar with your business may use a very precise and exact term relating to your business process. So your website should be a good mix of common and precise terms of your business process, which is often difficult to achieve. Search engines use clever software called robots to find a website that matches your criteria. These software components also known as crawlers return the searched website and this process is known as spidering a website. The more a website becomes easily accessible to users, the more a business or information domain flourishes. This in turn has given rise to a whole industry that focuses on issues that improve the ranking of a website. Ranking is the number in a search result at which a website appears when searched through a relevant keyword. So the website that appears at the start of a search result has the highest ranking. And the process of making sure that your website always appears at the start of a search result is called Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO.

Since the primary issue for a search engine to find your website is finding searched keywords on your webpage, SEO experts try to improve on this by stuffing keywords on to their webpage. As mentioned earlier a search engine uses more that one factor to find a website. These factors are part of a company’s secret that designs a search engine. SEO techniques focus on how to get the best rank in a search engine result. The factors that a search engine use continue to vary and improve and therefore the whole process of how a search engine finds a web page continues to change. Google uses over 200 of these factors when searching the internet.

There is no guaranteed way to put your website on top ranks in a particular search engine. Some companies developing search engines charge a fixed fee to include your website site in its results. They will crawl your website in a relevant search but do not guarantee a high rank in the search result. Search engines will demote a website rank or remove the pages from its search results that use keyword stuffing. Your webpage will also be ignored if it contains only images. Because in that case the search engine will have no way of knowing that your website is relevant to searched keywords typed in by the user. There are other search engines out there that are improving and stretching the boundaries of how a web page is to be searched or ranked.

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