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How to Promote your site?

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Incoming links to a website or web page is known as back links. Popularity and importance of a website or web page is decided by the incoming number of back links. A web node is web page, directory, web site or top level domain. Back link is any link received by one web node from another web node. Back links also called as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks and inward links.
Google accepts selected links and grade them as quality back links. According to Google the page ranking of a web site must be above the rank of 4. To achieve a top rank, count of quality back link coming into your site must be counted. Google has set main factors based on the importance of your web page to decide the page rank. Page rank will not indicate the rank position of your web site in the search engine. Each and every page of your web site is ranked ranging from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. Your site will become important if Google finds that you have many pages in your site has links back to your home page and also many pages from other sites link back to your site with page rank of 4 and above. For such back links Google will give you a very good page ranking. It is important to get quality back links otherwise you will have to struggle. For example if your site is about sports cricket and you get links from other sites on sports cricket then your site qualifies as a relevant link. Google gives greater importance to such links.
To find out how many quality back links your site has, enter command; link: www.yoururl.com in the Google search box. Google will show all the sites above four as page rank linked to your site. But it will not show page rank below four. You can compare the quality back links with other web sites have, and get more links than them to reach the top rank. Although there are different conditions that Google uses to rank a site most important is page ranking.
Inbound links to a website may be counted with Yahoo. Enter link domain: Yourdomain.com -domain: yourdomain.com: in the Yahoo search box to find the result of all links, Yahoo counts your domain for the links to your domain. By the site explorer method surf to http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/ and enter the domain name as www.yoursite.com and click Explore URL. Next click the “In links” link. Then select from the dropdown “Except from the domain”. If the default selection of “from all pages” selected links from your own site also will be counted. If “only this URL” and “Entire site” selected from the drop down only this URL will select the links of the specified page entered. The result will be displayed as date 10/31/07, wikiHow had 389,000 links (example) from other websites followed by this Yahoo will list the site that doing the linking.

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