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How to Promote your site?

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How to find out what type of traffic a website has?

How to find out what type of traffic a website has?

Traffic is crucial for any type of revenue generating websites or domains on the web. Many website owners depend merely upon the volume of traffic their site gets to rank their site. However, must not ignore the fact that real and targeted traffic to your website is what is critical for a successful business online.

Technically, web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. It is determined by the number of visitors and pages they visit. Measuring the web traffic gives us an idea of the site popularity. There are probably two types of traffic a website may have, junk traffic and real traffic. Junk traffic is non quality, untargeted traffic, where visitors end up landing at your site by mistake. Probably they are the ones who are not looking for your products, services or anything you offer. The other one is the quality or real traffic, where visitors get into your site willingly either getting your address through discussion forums, ads, emails or invitations or any reference from other sites. This is the type of traffic that a website owner dreams of having.

To find out the type of traffic your website has, you may monitor the web traffic which gives the information on number of visitors to your site, average visit duration (the total length of the userís visit), average page duration (how long a page is viewed for), most requested pages, top paths, referrers and average number of page views per visitor.† A high number of page views by a user would indicate that the average visitors dive deep inside the site, probably because they like the site and find it useful. And the resulting traffic to the web link may be quality traffic. By verifying the above information, the type of traffic that a website has may be tracked.

Traffic to your website may be measured by analysing the web server log file, which automatically generates list of all pages served. The hits and page views may be determined by including available counters software and web traffic tracking software into your site. Packet sniffing is also used to measure web traffic. Alexa.Com, trafficestimate.com and few other sites allow you to estimate the volume of traffic your website gets. But determining the websiteís true value and usage does not depend merely on the volume of hits or visits. It depends on how many quality visits are made.

Your website deserves real traffic and so donít waste your money and time on so called paid traffic, where they guarantee that you will receive certain number of visitors for the amount you spend. This would result in junk traffic. If you find that a visitor has just viewed your page for few seconds then you may conclude that either he has logged in accidentally or is not interested in your contents. Analysing the responses (positive or negative) for the posts and offers on your site also help to find out the kind of traffic your website has.

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