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Key words are a list of words or concept with special significance which will help to find information needed for your research or to find relevant and useful web pages. According to corpus linguistics, key word is a word which takes place in a passage frequently. A key word also known as index, term or descriptor and this term gathers extract of topics of a text or a search question. Common words like a, an, the, and, or, but are not considered as key words, because they are incompetent to do the required function. In computer programming a key word also known as identifier has a definite meaning to the programming language. The significance of key word or the meaning of idea of key word differs in different computer languages. In language ‘C’ it is a reserved word and cannot be used as names of variables or functions. Languages differ as to what is given as key word and what is a library routine. For example some languages give key words for input/output functions while in other languages these are library routines. Key words play important role in search engine result page. Different search engines get most of the traffic to a website. Repeating keyword many times is called key word stuffing. Many bloggers do not know this and their sites are penalized.
Following steps must be followed to find your key word for use. First write down a couple of sentences about your topic. Next highlight all the exact words that can explain your topic. Next step is to write down the list of selected words. Then add words to the list that will give similar meaning known as synonyms or associated terms. Then add to the list more words or phrases that will explain your topic, sub topics which may help in finding useful information. After this you will have long list of words and phrases which can be used to search for the required information. If one word does not bring out any result you may try the next word or combination of words.
Key words must not be used too many times in your website it should be just enough to appear in important places. Frequent use of key word will get your site rejected as an artificial site. Density of key word used in a web page is calculated. The approved standard of percentage of density is from 3% to 5%. This density rule should be followed for each and every page of the website. To check the density, copy and paste the contents from one page to a word processing software “word”. Use edit menu to select all, using word count from tools menu, count the total words in the page. Using edit menu select Find go to replace tab and type the key word that you want to find and replace with the same word. When completed, the system will give the key word count in that page. Then calculate the percentage and see if it falls in the range of 3% to 5%.

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