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Banking software is enterprise software that is used by the banking industry to provide and manage the financial products they provide.


Having been around for several decades, Quicken is one of the most established of all the personal finance software on the market. You can use the software to manage various aspects of your financial life from budget creation to debt tracking, savings goals, and even investment coaching.



  • Intuit QuickBooks Online.
  • FreshBooks.
  • Wave.
  • Sage 50cloud.
  • Xero.
  • Zoho Books.
  • GoDaddy Bookkeeping.
  • Kashoo.



Temenos Group AG, headquartered in Geneva, is a market-leading software provider that partners with banks and other financial institutions to transform their businesses and stay ahead of a changing marketplace. Temenos customers significantly outperform their peers. Over the period of 2008–2014, Temenos clients enjoyed a 31% higher return on assets on average, a 36% higher return on equity, and an 8.6 percentage point lower cost to income than financial institutions running legacy software. Over 2,000 firms across the globe, including 38 of the top 50 banks, rely on Temenos to process the daily transactions of more than 500 million banking customers.


STRANDS develops innovative software solutions that enable banks and retailers to offer personalized customer experiences and create new revenue streams through digital channels. The Strands Finance Suite includes white-label software solutions such as PFM, business financial management (BFM), and card-linked offers (CLO), among others. In 2008, Strands revolutionized online banking by deploying the first PFM in Europe. The company has many notable clients, among which are Barclays, Deutsche Bank, BBVA, BNP Paribas, Bank of Montreal (BMO), Carrefour, and Panasonic.


Software Development Kit (SDK.finance) is the back-end software for the quickest technological start of any FinTech products. The company has a mission to aid FinTech entrepreneurs to focus on clients while SDK.finance takes care of the technology.


Rubikon is Neptune’s flagship platform designed to deliver an industry-specific, business-oriented, and collaborative framework for banks and financial institutions of all sizes. Its modern open technology facilitates rapid incremental deployment; either as a complete universal banking system or as a series of modular applications/services to cater to the specific needs of a business.


NYMBUS is transforming the way traditional banks and credit unions support and interact with their customers offering a modern, holistic SaaS-based platform that includes core banking functionality, an impressive suite of applications, and the hardware and network infrastructure to power it all. NYMBUS integrates with all third-party software within a bank, creating one holistic system, automating workflows, and providing one single data set.


NLS offers a full spectrum of consulting and custom software development services for banks and financial companies, amongst other companies. The company’s extensive experience that spans multiple platforms, operating systems, and diverse institutions has empowered it with a substantial base of in-depth knowledge and proven expertise to deliver cutting-edge, robust, scalable and competitive software solutions. NLS provides services on the design and development of standalone software solutions and support solutions linking into existing enterprise systems and seamlessly exchanging data with a desktop or Web-based systems and external hardware (instrumentation, communications, and measurement systems) as well as handheld application enhancements, migration and porting.

The Fisa-System is a modular integrated banking system for retail, commercial, international, and offshore financial institutions. Thanks to its flexible and parametric architecture, it offers an integrated core banking solution that automates the business and allows the rapid creation of banking products, reducing operating costs, and increasing profitability.


Finacle is a core banking product developed by Indian corporation Infosys that provides universal banking functionality to banks. In August 2015, Finacle became part of EdgeVerve Systems Limited. Finacle is used by banks across 84 countries that serve over 450 million customers. Finacle's banking software solutions and services help global banks operationalize core banking transformation by providing a holistic and integrated approach.


Established in 2005, IDEALINVENT has been providing innovative solutions for financial institutions over the past 10 years. IDEALINVENT is a technology product and solutions company with a focus on the consumer financial services sector. The company offers B-SaaS (banking software as a service), which leverages the company’s suite of financial technology products. IDEALINVENT targets digitally focused financial service providers. These providers include innovative retail banking institutions, marketplace lending platforms, payment institutions, card providers, and alternative financial service providers. The company’s product ConnectCore is a suite of three components: service delivery, transaction processing, and data management. ConnectCore – Core bank, which handles transaction processing, is based on true SOA architecture that enables simple implementation, integration, and operation; achieving the objective of simplifying banking solutions that the product was founded on. ConnectCore – Channels & Mobility is a truly integrated, customer-centric, service delivery platform for the bank of the future. ConnectCore – PaymentGrid is a payment hub for the payments value chain.


Capital Banking Solutions is a leading provider of end-to-end, integrated banking software for businesses across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. The company offers a suite of integrated and modular products for retail, corporate and private banks as well as financial institutions. In 2010, Capital Banking Solutions merged with AdTek Information Systems, Inc. and IntellEval to form a global organization that offers clients integrated software products and customized software solutions tailored to the needs of the financial services industry. The merger has enabled Capital Banking Solutions to extend its reach to the US and Latin America as well as address the issues of financial security.


Ebanq is a user-friendly online banking software app. It is a turn-key solution for small- and medium-sized banks, savings & loans, credit unions, trust companies, and anyone else managing client funds. It is also the only mobile-ready, "out-of-the-box" solution in its market segment.


Apex Banking System is a comprehensive solution for the integral processing of all operations in a financial organization (core banking solutions). In addition to providing functional support for each one of the products and services offered by a financial institution, Apex Banking System includes an accounting system that complies with all accounting and compliance reporting standards.


Dais Software is a software development company, focusing on solutions for electronic channels for the banking and finance industry (Internet banking, mobile banking, EBPP, call center). The company has been recognized as a leader in its primary line of business, being the vendor of choice for online banking solutions for top banks operating in Central and Eastern Europe. The product portfolio of the company includes also frameworks for Web content management, security, messaging, and system interoperability.



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