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iBaroody Web Video Production History

iBaroody since 2005 (Before YouTube became famous) had to adapt to how to provide web owners with unique videos to add to their websites and for very little money in costs! iBaroody started our own Internet Video Production Companies in order to get videos to add to clients websites. Before iBaroody, Web owners had to spend tens and tens of thousands to produce videos same as videos made for TV such as 30 seconds TV Ads. Advertising companies and marketing companies charge outrageous amounts of money to provide corporations and business entity with such videos, clips, and other motion pictures.

iBaroody narrowed down all possible videos to be used for all purposes for the web and Internet.

I. Videos Types & Video Effective Purposes: 

1. Website Promotion Web Videos explaining your services that you can show to your potential clients. Increases time on the site. Make your site more expensive excellent image.

2. Website Presentations Web Videos A presenter on your website talking about your services in a clear and friendly manner. If any user does not want to read, now they can watch and listen to get your message!

3. Corporate Videos Web Presentations A video about your company, your services, or your website. With such video you gain a serious competitive edge!

4. Web Video BLOGGING Video to promote your ideas, your thoughts, your ideology and build your fan base and followers.

5. Advertising Videos Web Video Ads tap the power of video to get your message across to sell, generate, brand, and gain exposure.

6. Viral Videos for Viral Marketing Production and promotion of a viral video, gives you the chance to grow famous for free and for years.

II. Internet Video Production & Web Videos

1. 3D Videos and 3D HD Images

A. 15 seconds to 30 seconds 3D videos for ads and TV Advertising
B. Full 3D Animation Videos
C. Full 3D Animated Videos with Characterization

2. Products Demos Videos

3. 360° and Panoramic Videos

4. Walkthrough Videos

5. Real Estate 3D Imaging and Real Estate walkthroughs videos from 45 seconds to 6 minutes interior and exterior creativity.

6. Funny Videos for Viral Video Marketing

7. Cartoon videos with different languages Dubbing and Voice over

8. Flash videos and Flash clips

9. Full TV Station Video Identity Over 14 types of required Video Segments & Clips

10. Animated Logos or Bumpers 2 second 3 second clips to 5 seconds

11. The latest technology in MOTION GRAPHICS Moving images Videos
Example: Clients Provides iBaroody with 10 to 20 images in order of importance. A song (MP3 file). iBaroody creates a fully high end video just by using each image as a segment of a story board.

12. Highest Levels of Videos to IMPRESS we use 3 types of technologies in one video

A. 3D Animation
B. Moving Images & Motion Graphics
C. Real Scenes and real people manipulating certain functions in the videos. Example of very popular: Real hand and fingers pointing, guiding, presenting 3D and moving images segments.

III. Internet Video Marketing

iBaroody starting with YouTube and using the TOP 150 Video websites globally famous will upload clients videos for serious marketing exposure, the ability for Viral Video marketing success.

IV. Online Video Games Development  

1. Flash Games
2. HTML5 Games for all Mobile browsers with RESPONSIVE DESIGN
3. Facebook Games both Flash and HTML5
4. Developing software systems for each game for CRM and CMS purposes. Video Game owners will have the ability to build serious databases of all players and downloads. Gives the Video Game owners the ability to create marketing campaigns such as prizes and contests.

V. Video Management & Videos Software 

1. iBaroody developed Video Libraries. Giving Web owners the ability to upload videos to their website. Create Video Galleries. Assign Video showcases to any Web page they want including Home Pages.

2. iBaroody uses the latest VOD (Video on Demand Software) with the most advanced PHP codes and programing. iBaroody can customize VOD to create Web owners with the ability to: Upload thousands of videos. Create hundreds of Main and Sub-categories to present their videos. To assign Featured videos, set videos for Public or Private. Store videos online. Archive videos. Safe guard their videos using the latest securities, backups, and own their own Video Hosting regular and LIVE Streaming.

3. WebTV technologies. Any TV station and Web owner can now days own their own TV Stations, Radios, online magazines and literary run and manage the entire system from home. iBaroody uses the latest Platforms available worldwide. Same Video Platforms used by the Media Giants as CNN.com, MSNBC.com FoxNews.com etc… iBaroody can customize any WebTV designs and Interfaces. iBaroody Programmers will enable any WebTV to own their own LIVE Video Conferencing. LIVE videos FEEDs LIVE Video Broadcasting. LIVE Cam videos technology without having to deal with buying, purchasing and hiring networking companies.

WebTV Services & WebTV Solutions:

A- Video Platform
B- CDN: Content Delivery Network
C- Storage
D- Bandwidth
E- LIVE Streaming
F- LIVE Broadcasting


iBaroody Video Production Process

iBaroody since 2005 has mastered and been a leader in all sorts of Video Products, production and Video hosting and Video Streaming.

Now we have come to the conclusion and have narrowed down all possible videos related to the web to give our client the serious competitive edge using the Internet and the latest in video technology as modern as 2016 all available video resources as solutions to any and all videos benefits and for effective serious results.

Internet and Online Video Creativity Development and Production Process

1. iBaroody Creativity starts with Story Boards for any Video project.
Writing Storyboards & Planning each Segment and part of any video.

2. Clients feedback and 100% approval is required before the start of any design and video development.

3. Every Video project iBaroody cuts it into several stages and steps. iBaroody must earn clients approval for each stage and step. iBaroody must redesign and redevelop any stage and step for any project in order to nail and earn clients approval. This is 100% legally guaranteed for each iBaroody client regardless the man hours it might take to achieve this FIRM and SET goal. THIS IS WHAT DIFFRENTIATES iBaroody from other companies. This is why iBaroody is considered one of the most important and professional Interment Video and Online Videos Production companies. This is why iBaroody’s costs are high. We only take on serious clients, who expect the highest levels of videos. This is why we are very transparent and explain to clients that iBaroody requires serious budgets for each project.


In reality we already know our budgets are actually affordable way more affordable than having clients deal with Middle people such as Advertising companies, Marketing companies, Consultants, and PR companies.

On the other hand, we already know from hundreds of clients that tried other Video companies how hard and frustrating it is to get what they want.

We know from accurate statistics that iBaroody competitors end up charging for additional man hours and extra work. Their clients are trapped. Using existing video codes and designs end up costing clients more once they want changes and customization.

Do NOT be fooled by low pricing. Once you start doing business and dealing with such companies before you know it, you would have paid double and in many cases triple the agreed amount as their agreements in very fine writing specifically mentions additions further customization, and any work outside the box is extra man hours therefore comes out to very expense requires.

iBaroody is 100% FIRM we ONLY take a ONE time payment. And we do guarantee a 100% satisfaction. The client at the end has to approve 5% to 7% of the entire project. Because our development system requires earning each stage and step a 100% approval for each project and for any and all clients.

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