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Investing & Invest NOW To Make Money in the Middle East Online Businesses In Lebanon, Dubai, KSA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar own your own Online Business

iBaroody a USA & Lebanese Company Creates Online Businesses and Turns them into Profit Generating Companies.

Making Online Dreams come True Since 2002!

We are experts in building online businesses.
We also have the ideas to what to build.
We know the Internet so well and every single aspect of its growth.
For a fraction of what companies spend on Billboards in Lebanon

iBaroody will provide you with a plan of 4 stages to own a profitable business and in many cases owners can sit at home run and manage their business.

Stage 1
Design and Develop a fully functional online business World Class ready to compete.

Stage 2
Building a Database and adding the required data.
SEO: ensuring the online business gets free traffic from Google.

Stage 3
How to get paid and what to sell and to make sure you break the ICE.

Stage 4
Using all Internet Marketing services and technologies possible to get each owner the power to turn a profit for every $1 spent on any ads and online marketing.
Example: Spend $100 a day your online business generates $30 profit.
The next day you spend $200  a day you make $60 profit.

Stage 5
Transfer of knowledge
Run and manage your entire systems.
How and where to market and advertise yourself online.

Scratch to Success to Solid Income

iBaroody LLC is a Rising Leader Company in Internet Technologies, Marketing, and Online Business. We are Genuine, Unique, and ALWAYS the Producers of what others much richer Companies fail at.

With you and your Capital as a future CLIENT, iBaroody will take a project and turn it into a serious long lasting profitable, independent, quickly and correctly managed the business!


DO NOT be LEFT BEHIND! Ask yourself this especially in today’s economy.

“How much money does it take me to open a restaurant?”

With iBaroody, for up to 20 times less you can own and manage a Business with the entire Globe as your customer base & market.

If you are an Investor, Business Owner, or an Existing Company with or without any plans or ideas, we can create for you serious Online Businesses and Independent Money Making machines! iBaroody can and will make it happen for you.

Online Businesses is the ultimate best source to tap into the WEB part o the Internet. The WWW World Wide Web is an independent economy global growing faster than all countries economic growth. There is no stop to it. This secondary world economy as of 2017 estimates has reached 3 trillion dollars in business. On one side of it Google and their services and the SEO industry 400 Billion USD a year. The far left side the future of all businesses solutions: Web-based software, CLOUD server networking replacing Intranet infrastructures and all the Web-based systems for each and every industry corporate and business solutions estimated at 500 Billion USD industry.

Any Investor MUST LEARN and recognize any online business starts with Google:

Everything else the World Wide Web is in between Google and CLOUD.

This is the economy and the power of the web.
Like every year people discover the power of certain aspects of how natural and severe the web is in generating money ranging existing businesses or websites, one year everyone wants Mobile Apps, another year everyone talks about digital marketing, now the trend is social media marketing, etc..

Stay ahead of everyone thinking, and “expertise” is easy and in reality by the time:
Advertising Companies, Marketing, IT, all consultants and experts reach the points to recognize the power of each finally? It is too late for iBaroody already is already five years average ahead of real life thinking, and iBaroody already predicts each what it is going to do years in advance. For example Social media marketing and as everyone in 2017 asks about, it wants to learn it, or find SMM services? The benefits of SMM are less than 3% of what the Web and Net already have to offer and can be used for serious profits and opportunities.

It is real easy to learn and understand what the web is and will remain so for the next ten years.

– On the right Side, it is Google.

– On the Left side, it is CLOUD technologies.

Everything else? Is in between.

Google owns 22 of the TOP 100 websites globally. 
Every investor who has ideas and wants to turn their web ideas and or online businesses into profit making generating machines?

Your success starts with that you are the sole person who cares, and if you do NOT understand yourself how it works and have to count on others to do it for you or tell you what to do?

Please understand and ask any Consultant or an expert one question:

Why aren’t you rich and so rich if you fully understand the Web and how to market anything online?

This includes iBaroody the company and founders.

As everything must start with Google?

The reality is any serious wise highly experienced Google expert in SEO Lebanon and SEM and ten years implementing and learning the level of knowledge and expertise after ten years minimum is estimated at 3% to maximum 5%. It is the fastest changing and monthly growing experience that is impossible to teach in schools or any major in college.

It is not easy, it is so severe, it requires serious planning, strategies, promotions, capital to spend wisely and it takes minimum one year to implement the 4 Stages mentioned here.

Conclusion and Exit Strategy:

As you know the facts, stats, truth and the realities of how hard it is to succeed online before you invest in an online business:

Just ask yourself?

Would you rather spend average $300,000 to rent, build, decor and organize and hire staff and manage a coffee shop to sell a product of an average of $5?

How many customers is it physically possible to enter your coffee shop per day?

Or on the other hand is it smarter to invest $120,000 average for a complete online business that includes stages 1,2,3,4 total?

Regardless if you succeed or not.

The worst scenario is five years being online sooner or later you will own your space as your online business will grow on its own if built perfectly for Google.

And five years from now? You can restart or relaunch the entire idea or any other online business using the same domain and system.

This five years time frame on its own is worth the investment.
It is a Smarter decision than buying real estate in a city or town.

The online world is growing at 25% yearly no economy or economic models can predict or measure such growth, and such markets as the Online World is so complex and so independent from anything anyone or any human has ever seen or experienced in the entire history of humanity.

One final example:

In 1991 if anyone knew about it or predicted could have bought a Domain Name one word one significant term .com

Example Apartments .  com     Real Estate . com for only $200 a year back then

Today any of these domain names are valued at Approx: 10 MILLION USD each.

$1000 Investment turned into 10 million!

How can that be? Where else is this possible? As exaggerated as it sounds:
A fact is a fact and the only place this kind of investment return today is possible is because of the Online World the Web!