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Mobile Application Development Quick Launch Icons

Mobile Application Development Launch ICON

Quick one-click App Access:
With one click your entire 100% RESPONSIVE website, even user accounts open right away.

App Performance: 
Same and better performance as if you spent tens of thousands of USD on Mobile Application Development.

Mobile Application Systems Development is becoming obsolete and the wrong choice to develop and web system.
Websites are the way to Start as websites are the access to any Web system for any purpose functions and features of any software.

Any company or person who does not understand and recognize this fact?
We know, and we guarantee the entire Mobile App will be a failure.
Ask yourself? Have you ever seen one Mobile App Developed other than the already existing popular Mobile Apps succeeding making generating profits and growing fast?

RESPONSIVE WEBSITES and Mobile App Launch ICONS is the future.

No one builds web systems for Mobile Apps as the base core system anymore!

Everything web based is website based.
It includes any web access from PC or any Mobile device.

With the so beautiful RESPONSIVE web access from all Mobile browsers, smartphones, tablets, phablets.

(Includes but not limited to all Mobile Devices brands: Apple, Samsung, HTC etc.)

iBaroody is one of the original pioneers to discover and predict in 2012 RESPONSIVE websites is the future for all Internet browsing and accessibility from Mobiles.

Our prediction and technology experience puts us ahead of all other companies based on two facts:

  • All is because of Google and our experience in Google.
  • As Google does not make money only from websites.
  • Google does not make money from Mobile Apps i.e.: Google AdWords PPC Programs.
  • Google search results and Google is used for all 95% of searches only globally is based on finding websites and web-ages. Not Mobile Apps.

Thanks to them now websites is and will remain the one and only effective, user-friendly, access, to any web purpose for any market, industry, and type of business or interactive websites.

When are Mobile Application development from scratch is a better choice:

  • If it is not a game or type of Application that has nothing to do with the web browsing?
  • Such as games, calculators, etc. Then Mobile development is a waste of time and for sure serious money investment for no results.

Mobile App (Application) Development for Quick Launch Service

For unbelievable affordable onetime fee

iBaroody will develop, test and deliver in less than one week:

Mobile App ICON for Launch

A-    IOS   (Timeframe one week)

B-    Androids (Timeframe one week)

Once done we present it to the client with unique ICON design based on clients Logo.

Getting your Mobile Apps Approved on the App stores:

Android App Store Approval:
iBaroody will Submit Android Mobile App to Android Store Guaranteed Approval in 2 to 3 business days

Apple App Store Approval:
iBaroody will submit it with guaranteed approval of the IOS Mobile Apps to the Apple Stores. (Average of approvals is 15 days)

The Web and Mobile Application Quick Launch Purpose and Development process

Mobile App Fast one Click Launch Development Process and procedure:

  • The web App can be installed to an Android phone via a link provided on the website.
  • The relationship to the app installer must be included on the site for this operation.
  • The driver file must be downloaded to the Android phone, and the user must allow the settings to install the app from other source and proceed installation. -The app only requires internet permission, and you must have to move forward with the install.
  • When the user installs the applications, he/she is ready to use the application.

The user has to download the app from the Website itself when it gets available in the store.

  • If he/she had downloaded the app using the desktop browser he/she had to transfer the files to the Android phone and continue the installation procedure.
  • If the user had used a mobile browser, the downloaded file would be available in the users downloaded path, and from there he has to proceed the installation
  • The installation package is just about 1.4 MB in size, and it doesn’t take less than 2 minutes for the installation procedure.
  • You have to provide a link to the website for the web app.

Mobile Application Design and Branding

  • Mobile App ICON should be designs based on clients Logo
  • Mobile App ICON name is the title of the app.

Mobile Application Marketing

  • Mobile App ICON is the same exact thing as any Mobile App developed forms scratch.
  • As it is and has to be downloaded from the Application stores and website or other Social media sites:

All Mobile Application Marketing strategies and techniques do apply, and there is absolutely no difference between developing a mobile app from scratch?
Versus, the smartest best practical choice: Developing a Mobile App based on the website RESPONSIVE, quick access and mobile launch.

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