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Mobile Application Development Lebanon

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Mobile Application Development Lebanon

iBaroody Professional Mobile Application Development Company. Offering its client with the latest trends and latest modern technology on the highest levels to expand their business and reach out to Mobile users across the world. Our Mobile Applications project managers and programmers are highly experienced in whatever it takes to make your Mobile Requirements and your Company competes in this highly competitive world of technology and exposure.

iBaroody LLC insures its client and gives them the security NOT just that their Mobile Applications will be done properly, on time, at SERIOUSLY AFFORDABLE PRICES, but for a fact iBaroody LLC clients enjoy the Ultimate experience in customer care to what comes after the development process is complete. You want your Mobile Application to be successful???? iBaroody LLC is the answer and the Ultimate solution for you….

Types of iBaroody Mobile Services

iPhone Application Development
iPad Application Development
iPhone Web Applications
Android Application Development
Windows Application Development
Black Berry Application Development
Mobile Website Design
Mobile Interfaces and Modern Designs
Mobile Apps Marketing
iReport System Design and iReport Software iReport Design and Development

Types of Mobile Application Development:

IOS Mobile Apps Development: iPhone Mobile Apps & iPad Mobile Apps
Androids Mobile Apps Development
Windows Mobile Apps is no longer as popular as less than 3% of the population use Windows based Smart Phones

iBaroody Mobile Application Development System of Development

iBaroody an Apple and Androids Mobile Apps Development & Smart Phone Apps Development company uses a modern Mobile Apps Development System that gives the client the 100% transparency and stages to approve. (As clients get involve3d, iBaroody is easily always to guarantee a 100% Mobile Application client satisfaction, approval and delivery of Apps then starts ongoing work and Mobile Application updates.

How we do it?

iBaroody Asses Clients idea, work plan, requirements, request, and list of tasks and functions and featured.
After a carefully study, iBaroody will provide the Mobile Application development potential client with a customized proposals containing accurate work plan, deadlines, listings all the outline, and iBaroody always strives to earn clients by proposing the lowest Mobile Application costs possi9ble thus making it as affordable and competitive project.

Once you become an iBaroody Mobile Application Development client:

Stages and Steps:


iBaroody within one week will send the client the Wire Frame.
Client has to approve the Application Wire Frame in order for the Smart Phone Application Development process starts.

Mobile Apps Design

Moby Application designs take place. iBaroody send all the designs to the client in order to send feedback and iBaroody must earn clients approval on all the designs.

The Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Delivery and Approvals

Mobile Application Store Approvals

Mobile Application Maintenance and updates

Mobile Application backbends Training

iBaroody Mobile Application Development Services (General Information)

Our Services will include:

• Design & development of the application for iOS, Android and Web API.

• Incorporate content in the form of text, photographs and images provided by you into the app.

• Basic App Store Optimization using keywords relevant to your niche market.

• Static, single page HTML website as commercial and support for the app.

• Provide technical support after the app is live (maintenance & troubleshooting) for Six Months.

• Up to three updates* of the app in the first six months covered under the support contract for the first year.

*Bug fixes & minor changes to content on the app and not design / DB / functionality changes.

Call iBaroody LLC at +961 1 284 222 Beirut –Lebanon

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