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Online Networking Systems

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When it comes to preventing hacks and cyber-attacks on your business, it seems like focusing on the online protection of your website is the most logical step. However, many forget that your in-house network of communication is often a vulnerability among companies – and in many cases, a cause for inefficiency and slow-downs.

While most cyber threats nowadays come in the form of attacks on your database, website or social media profiles, the most serious and insidious attacks target your very own company networks. Typically, you would use different networks to communicate and share files than you would to host your website and upload your content.

Instead of relying on the whims of an unreliable network or free software, we here at iBaroody present business with much better and more sophisticated alternatives: dedicated, business-specific online networking systems.

How Can iBaroody Help You?

No longer do you have to worry about unauthorized external access, unresponsiveness when you need responsiveness the most, or problems with in-house communication causing issues in handling orders and dealing with clients. Through our work and expertise here at iBaroody, you can be rest assured that your local network is in excellent hands. We will see to it that your network is set up with the following specifications:

  • Security Against Unauthorized Access
  • Cloud-based Rapid File Transfers
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Network Gateways with Firewalls
  • And more.

Here at iBaroody, we put the safety and security of your files and your client’s information at top priority, so you can assure your clients and customers that their data is safe with you. Through our online networking systems, you’re provided with a guaranteed way to share files, communicate, and work on customer orders.

You may be using a voice over IP software for communication and free cloud-based shared storage software for your files – but these do not offer the protection that a dedicated network can. Here at iBaroody, we can ensure that you get that protection. Contact us today to get started on building your company’s very own network, so you can be absolutely sure that your data is safe.

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