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Networking Companies in Lebanon: Servcies and Providers Lebanon Business Corporate Real Estate Security Systems Network Design for Properties offices and large corporate complete IT and system solutions and infrastructures

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Corporate Networking & IT Solutions Companies Security Systems in Beirut Lebanon

iBaroody complete A to Z IT services for corporate security system, Tracking Systems, Business/Home Automation/ existing setups maintenance, upgrades, and building it perfectly form scratch using the latest in hardware, technologies setups and administering entire network design and server infrastructures services and business IT solutions.

Security Systems Lebanon:

iBaroody Services Include:
Includes the following hardware, setups, testing, maintenance, support, and yearly customer care on site work plans:

iBaroody Hardware used:

  • Alarms
  • TV Cameras LIVE and video and audio backups up to 90 days and more upon request
  • Connectors and routers
  • Wireless complete setups from PC to PC communication Printer access and accessibility, Fax etc…
  • Digital Video recorders
  • Phone recorders and backups for all Audio communication
  • Fire Alarms and Advanced security options
  • Motion Sensors
  • Power Supplies up to many hours replacing electric generators and complete modern UPS global systems
  • Different style stands, camera mounts and famous brand products available at very affordable prices.

Tracking Systems

iBaroody provides Businesses and corporations even individual personal Tracking systems and devices

iBaroody Networking Tracking Hardware used :

  • Most modern several famous brands GPS tracking systems
  • Simple and complex devices
  • Installation for company cars tracking
  • Trucks and delivery vehicles tracking devices and software to monitor locations traffic reports and company security systems and safety advantages

Lighting Systems

iBaroody Networking Hardware Used and benefits:

  • Infinity Systems and Mirrors
  • Automated Lighting with systems to turn on and off to save power
  • Additional security
  • Full installation setups and maintenance
  • Business, offices, buildings, and Home Lighting services

Business Corporate & Home Automation

iBaroody Hardware Used and benefits:

Description: Smart Business technologies smart home technologies


Energy Management

Safety & Security

Kits & Accessories

Electronics & Entertainment

More Smart Home Solutions

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