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SEO Services   SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?
By Definition, it is the science behind ranking websites and web pages high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

Since Google dominated all World Wide Web search SEO is all about Google.
iBaroody professional SEO highly effective SEO Services include:
SEO Lebanon, SEO UAE, Dubai, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, SEO Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Canada


I – iBaroody SEO BIO learned the SEO Science as it evolved to what SEO is today.

SEO today is the MOST productive part of Internet marketing.
This means SEO is the MOST EFFECTIVE marketing ever.
SEO is stronger than any TV Ads, Radio, Magazines, and Billboards in serious marketing effects and to generate targeted visitors and business.


SEO is a United States new science as ONLY United States people first experimented and studied this new phenomenon. By pure luck, SEO guys became SEO experts and were able to rank websites high in Google for highly competitive, highly used, and searched for search terms.


The effectiveness of the Search results because of Excellent well-done SEO, made so many profits; the money was made in the millions of dollars thus making and forcing every single Web owner to figure out how and what SEO is.

All websites before the Google busts even if their owners paid over $100,000 for each now became worthless as they did not grow strong in Google at all.


A new breed and a new generation of SEO Web Design, SEO Web Development took over and iBaroody from then on still by default from day one always takes into consideration everything Online MUST perform and grow strong in Google on its own and with time. This is called Googles: “NATURAL” way the perfect way how things should work!
Otherwise only happen when any Web Design & Web Development contains most important systems and is ideal for Google from day 1.

On-Page SEO: The actual work was done to the website itself, pages, programming, etc.
In simple language how is Google going to know where and what to place in its database? Why your site should show under and for what Search terms.
The Process is called: Google Indexing.

OFF-Page: All the work is done externally to power up all the website pages starting with the Home Page.

You Must have BOTH done perfectly starting from day 1. Otherwise? You will be spending too much money for much less effectiveness and less good results!

The term Optimization is the USA created!


Any time you see the term Optimisation with the “S”, NOT “Z” means it is British and unfortunately, all British SEO Companies felt left out and fell behind all USA SEO companies. A few years later British SEO Companies decided to go with the “S” and then forcing Indian companies to adopt the same spelling. United States SEO Services and SEO companies that built their own SEO Services and SEO packages (Based on practice, research, results, adaptation, daily monitoring, and hundreds of reasons to ensure PROVEN TESTED results first before any Sales took place)  in reality are the only ones that ever learned the true nature, stats, and how and when and what to do to succeed in Google using SEO Strategies & SEO Science in depth.

II – iBaroody SEO Experiences and Self-Created SEO Solutions:

1- iBaroody owners grew up in the SEO business in the United States since 2001 before not many knew what even SEO the three letters meant?

2- SEO Ranking Sites High for Important Search Terms

FYI: Keyword is one word.
Key Phrase is multiple Keywords.
When you place any in the Google (Any Search Engine)  Search Bar then it is called a Search Term

iBaroody owners became famous and well known working on clients websites and taking cheap made websites turning them with SEO into great Traffic generators sites because they ranked so high in Google.com Globally and Internationally for very highly competitive search terms such as:

Jobs and Employment SEO
Real Estate SEO
Apartments for sale SEO
Pets for sale SEO
Flowers for sale SEO
Restaurants SEO
Dating & Singles SEO
Roommates SEO
New and Used Cars SEO
Classifieds Ads SEO

3- SEO by Increasing Traffic through Increasing Numbers of Webpages

iBaroody owners SEO experience since 2002 and 2003 built, designed and developed websites with serious perfected SEO Dynamic pages growing one website with 20 pages into 300,000+ pages for Google to index and thus generating more and freer Traffic from the Google search results.

4- SEO for Localizing SEO Search

Before Google, Yahoo, and MSN contained any Local Search Results how can a company in a city compete with the National Strong websites.

SEO Solution: Using Country, States, and Cities names in the Search Terms before any Search Engine went Local.

iBaroody owners are one of the few original SEO experts to figure out how to Dominate search terms using:

Country  Search Term
State  Search Term
City Search Term

As Serious High Level SEO Search Terms


Atlanta roommates
NYC real estate
Dallas Apartments
Condos for sale in France
Restaurants in Miami
Las Vegas Hotels

5- Within a short period,  iBaroody Owners BECAME THE NUMBER 1 Affiliate to some of the most powerful, most famous websites for several markets and type of businesses online solely because of iBaroody SEO experiences and SEO knowledge.



Pets & Puppies

Dating & Singles

Home & Business Services


6- iBaroody is one of the few Web Companies that created, ran and managed independent SEO companies SEO Submissions Services and SEO packages: outside the Web Design and Web Development industry.

Operating from several different websites, we have kept few websites LIVE online today to show our SEO Companies such as:


7- iBaroody is one of the first SEO Companies ever to create a Full SEO CRM and SEO Administration to manage all SEO types of SEO services, SEO package, and SEO clients.


8- iBaroody is the first company worldwide to design & develop a complete SEO Administration for SEO Resellers Systems and SEO Affiliates System

www.TOPSEOReseller.com   the name and website since 2008 still reflects the entire idea how to get thousands of people involved open their own SEO companies for the comfort of their home as iBaroody taught them how, show them how, and provided them with all the SEO resources to fully run and mange successful very effective SEO Services SEO websites SEO businesses and SEO companies.

III – iBaroody owns its SEO Resources Today:

Out of about 5000 different Strong websites Globally used by all SEO Companies Internationally, iBaroody owns, fully manages and administers over 150 special websites SEO strong SEO sites for SEO Submissions, SEO links, SEO Ads, SEO Articles, SEO Press Releases, SEO Classifieds, SEO Products, SEO Business Listings, SEO Affiliates and SEO from Internet Marketing websites for and by countries to get effective SEO locally per country and city by targeting SEO search terms for city SEO and country SEO by name.

IV – iBaroody SEO Services now are Specially designed for real SEO Success

To All the serious Companies and serious Web Owners who plan to succeed, generate serious business, sales, and profits:

Instead of wasting time, money, and severe losses spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV ads, Radio, Billboards, Magazine and News Paper ads, etc…

Instead of paying tens and hundreds of thousands and in many cases in the Millions of Dollars to the Famous Advertising companies, Marketing agencies, etc…

Try iBaroody SEO Services for an entire year instead of media campaigns:

A- We already know the results so should YOU!
B- The savings are too high to ignore!
C- The results are beyond more effective, and you should see and LIVE it!
D- For a Fact, we are way more effective for so much $$$$ less.

iBaroody SEO Services are set tested and proven:

A- Each Service is guaranteed to get you the results starting few weeks from start date.

B- Each service is ongoing for one full year.

C- All the SEO results are Guaranteed to remain permanent for life.

D- All iBaroody services are a ONE-time fee and PERMANENT in results

Differences & Comparing iBaroody SEO Services with other SEO Companies

iBaroody is one of the few companies that goes against SEO strategies based on Monthly charges and monthly SEO work.

iBaroody SEO Services work very differently because SEO in 2016 is so competitive if you do not generate profits from your SEO Campaigns then, in reality, it is the same as if you spent tens of thousands on a TV ad to run and be viewed one time!

This beats the entire purpose to why serious Web Owners and Corporations should spend money and invest in SEO.

Please NOTE:

SEO is NOT Advertising
SEO is NOT Marketing.

Call iBaroody now to find out more about our SEO Services:

SEO Service
3 Month
SEO Work Plan
To Try & Test iBaroody SEO Results
SEO Service
6 Month
SEO Work Plan
SEO Results remain Permanent we do not trap you to pay monthly!
SEO Service
1 Year
SEO Work Plan
SEO Results remain Permanent we do not trap you to pay monthly!
SEO Service
1 Year
SEO Work Plan
SEO Results remain Permanent we do not trap you to pay monthly!
SEO Service
1 Year
SEO Work Plan
SEO Results remain Permanent we do not trap you to pay monthly!
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