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Social Media Optimization

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Social Networking and Web 2.0 Marketing

How and what can I do using Social Networking and Web 2.0 marketing to expand my business and website exposure?

• Research your market, business, and website.
• Decide on a Work plan. Includes how, what, when, where.
• Implementation. Adding the tools to your website.
• Learn how and have an idea about what to expect and what type of results to get.

How can iBaroody help me here?

We have put together a Social Networking marketing package for you.

• We will answer all your concerns and needs. All the above research will be dedicated to your website and business.
• We will work together to decide on what and how to proceed.
• Included in this Social Networking marketing package will be:
• Social bookmarking of your website.
• Blog Installation-Blog promotion-blog content writing.
• MySpace Page creation-optimization-marketing-promotion.
• High PR links Guaranteed.


• Excellent exposure
• Increase traffic-visitors-sales
• Expand your market

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