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When you purchase a new software for your company, especially when it’s to improve performance and efficiency in the workplace and help you provide better services for your clients, the last thing you want is an unresponsive product that gives you a hard time. Your own software should be easily navigated, and easily used without much technical user knowledge.

However, despite the need for simple software, many companies run into problems when they get software developers that fail to keep the design intuitive and simple.

Yet even with a simple interface, most applications come with hidden features and complex functions that any casual user couldn’t get behind. While that may be fine for most employees, it turns into a problem when you, as the company head and admin, cannot get behind the tech.

What Does iBaroody Do?

Here at iBaroody, we don’t just design, develop and build the software of your business’ dreams – we also do our utmost to make sure that you know how to utilize its fullest capabilities. You don’t need to turn to the IT experts to get started on using your very own software, and managing it to its potential – instead, through our software administration coaching, you as the administrator get specific coaching to help you take control of the software.

No lengthy tutorials, no unintelligible jargon-filled explanations, and no time is wasted when hiring us to build your software for you. We’ll fill you in on the details, so you can do the following without assistance:

  • Update and modify software functions.
  • Manage data within the application, especially user data.
  • Monitor specific processes and client activity.
  • And more software-specific admin privileges.

Through our extensive software administration coaching, you become the admin you were meant to be – in total control of every feature we implement, so our software can become the boon you need it to become.

Contact us today through phone or email, or hit us up on our online live chat to get started on building your very own software or application right away.

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