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Software Development Companies Lebanon & Software firms

Software Developers in: Lebanon, UAE, Dubai, Qatar, OMAN, Jeddah, Riyadh, Middle East

Software Development Companies in Lebanon

iBaroody LLC is a Web Solutions Company based in Lebanon, USA and Canada. Created in 2002, it has spread its business to other parts of the Middle East and has almost become a sensation in this region. We provides vast range of services that includes, among other things, graphic design, multimedia, website content writing, software development, mobile application development, web development, web TV services, web hosting, etc.

Software development is a comprehensive process of computer programming, testing, documenting and bug fixing. It involves maintenance of these applications during software life cycle for achieving the desired objective of the software. We at iBaroody have a team of extremely experienced professionals in several design languages like Java, C language, C++, etc. We have our own existing software which we use for every single of our projects. It is then used to come up with perfect software for our clients. We can guarantee quality software solutions based on the business requirements.

The methodologies involved in the development of software should always be holistic. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that each and every step of development process like analyzing problems, market research, making plans for software based solution coding of software, its testing, deployment and bug fixing are done in the right manner. So those looking for software development services in Lebanon could avail our quality services.

Our software development team at iBaroody can help you by providing software for faster, streamlined and cost-effective business processes. Resolution of business needs require customized software applications catering your exact needs. This further requires the discussion of potential challenges and your way of functioning. Here at iBaroody, we take proper care of these considerations before we could make a foray in developing the right kind of software.

What is needed further is to be mindful of the compatibility of the developed software with your systems and their specifications. Our developers providing software development services make sure that these applications could function accordingly thereby saving our clients on time and money. Similarly we make sure that the tools and functionality of these software applications are attuned to help you to deliver your services easily and effectively.

Based in Lebanon and serving across the Middle East, expert team at iBaroody has a wide industry experience and knowledge. It is one of the best Software development companies in Lebanon and has been successfully designing and developing new software products and systems for different sectors like the travel & hospitality, media, financial services, healthcare, and IT industries. We also offer various software maintenance services in order to ensure the top-quality application performance. The re-engineering of any software is quite important and may be required quite often whether as either a minor renovation or a complete overhaul. We make sure that these applications work properly on different platforms in terms of functionality, user-friendliness and performance.

About Our Programmers & Approach

Our programmers are highly experienced in every language used. There is an-already existing and excellent software for each and every project. We use it and build on it in order to come up with the perfect software for you. In many other cases we create software from scratch to insure perfection and guarantee you something usable. We build the software around your needs; we do not expect you to adapt to existing software just simply because they are already being used. What’s best for others is not always what’s best for you. This is why we always re-write certain software codes to insure an easy simple transition for your project.

So those looking for software development agencies in Lebanon can approach us in order to avail our wide range of services.

Software Development Technology:

iBaroody Software Development Company uses the latest most advanced Software Platforms, Programming Codes, Open Sources, Applications, Modules, Codes Libraries, and software development Platforms, Interfaces, and Dashboards.

Software Development & Software Customized Programming  Process:

Every Business requires different software customized in order to fully run, manage, work with a very user friendly software in order to succeed online or to achieve the perfect software for business solutions, and business management
(Software to Organize your Business).

Software Consultancy & Expert Software Consultants:

Few years back, corporations had to pay tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for IT software consultants and software companies in order to study the entire business operation in order to write the software Main functions, features (Software FLOW) for the how, where, what, and submit a software outline for approvals.
iBaroody and modern high level software companies no longer require the software outline in order to develop any software.
From the 2000 Man hours software to the most massive and demanding software Approx.: 10,000 to 12,000 Programming man hours software (Same level as Oracle, SAP etc…) usually takes about one full year to develop and fully test.
iBaroody software development experience for any and all types of businesses enables iBaroody senior Project Manager to fully understand any client business needs from A to Z.
Once an iBaroody client signs the Agreement and depending on each software and each case, then iBaroody senior Project Manager and the senior software developers brainstorm each and every single scenario for any type of business to include every single clients requests and a whole lot more to design and develop the perfect software possible and earn the client’s 100% Approval GUARANTEED.

Software Wireframe and Software Outline

Each Software Development process requires clients approvals for each stage and step. Thus regardless the man hours involved, iBaroody MUST get approvals for all stages starting with

Software Brainstorming:

A- The research, Brainstorming, writing down the complete full Software Development outline which includes about all the software components, Modules function, features, applications etc…
B- iBaroody sends this well researched software outline with all software necessary diagrams to earn clients full understanding and work together as one team with client in order to finalize all the requirements.
C- After clients approvals, iBaroody starts the development.
iBaroody uses the latest software platforms depending on each single software project what is best and easiest for and per clients request business, and software demands especially when fully automated system is the goal behind the software project.

Benefits of Building, Creating any Software Development from scratch:

In the Middle East Software Development Companies are usually Software Companies Resellers.
Software companies sell software licenses and use the same software over and over again
This does work however Famous trusted software companies and the software famous brands at very outrageous costs it is impossible for any existing  software, already built software regardless who the software company is to suit and fit perfectly for certain business software requirements and software needs.
Regardless what the already made software is and how expensive, it is very rare for the famous software companies to send programmers on site to write codes, redesign and develop functions or features specifically for each client and their software needs.
In reality? The business module and the business IT and software requirements will get left behind. Therefore each business will be forced to use such already built software follow the software guidelines, follow the software structure and change their business organizational needs and business required solutions to what the software is already?
This is a fact and ask any Business or company that spent hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars regardless what the business is, just ask them how many features, how many functions usually are missing and/or not well understood for a businesses to consider such famous very expensive software as user friendly?

iBaroody Software Company Vs. iBaroody Software Competitor.

iBaroody software developers, software engineers, and software programmers have conducted research for and about software companies processes and end results:
(In reality this saves you the time and headaches to understanding what software companies do or how they do it)
Dubai Software Companies:
UAE software Companies
Are run and managed by UK Software companies and outsource all the programing to other third world countries.
KSA Software Companies
Jeddah Software Companies
Riyadh Software Companies
Software Companies in Jeddah does not have software development companies
Software companies in Riyadh
Software companies in Saudi Arabia
do not have any software Development Dedicated teams and development  programmers on site..
Software Companies in Qatar or Software Companies in Doha
do not have any software Development Dedicated teams and development  programmers on site..
In Beirut, Software firms in Lebanon use .Net and are not well experienced in the latest programming languages.

iBaroody Uses the Highest Levels of Software Development Platforms in order to design, develop, build, and perfectly deliver each customized software:

Software Development Platform Samples:

OPTION 1: Zend Framework 2 + MYSQL 5.5+  ( Need More Development Time  )
OPTION 2: Symfony2 + MYSQL 5.5+ ( Need More Development Time  )
OPTION 3: Laraval 5 + MYSQL 5.5+
OPTION 4: CakePHP 3 + MYSQL 5.5+
OPTION 5: PHP + Phalcon + MySQL
OPTION 6: PHP + Concrete + MySQL
OPTION 7:  Ruby on Rails + MySQL

Beyond the Software Delivery:

iBaroody Software Development guarantees clients 100% approvals and satisfaction.
With each Software Development Agreement comes:

1- Very customized detailed Software Manuals to run and manage the entire software.
2- Programmers Software Manuals. This is a Programmers Bible assuming the client has their own IT and programmers department wants to take over the entire source files years to come.
3- Software Use Training. Coaching, transfer of knowledge.
4- Software Customer Support and Dedicated Software expert(s) trainer for each software client:

A- On site Workshops and one on one training.
B- Online LIVE Support
C- LIVE chat and video conferencing Support
D- Phone and Emails support.

Online Software Development  Vs. Desktop Software Development

What makes iBaroody Software Development Unique:
As the technology and Fast Internet Speed is forcing most large corporations to run, mange, their software online. Store, secure, back up their big data online. iBaroody is already highly expected and setting up CLOUD Severs networking and CLOUD Loading processors for all our software development clients.

On the other hand, in some countries the Internet Speed and Internet unreliability is not sufficient enough for software client to go with fully managed fully online software.
This is why iBaroody software development is unique because we have the ability, capability to design and develop any software for BOTH ONLINE use (The Future of all Software) and Desktop software at the same time.

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