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Joomla was one of the original PHP CMS Open sources. It was built to be a CMS for Web Development. Unlike Word Press that originally started as free BLOG already made a website with HTML editor Joomla was designed and developed with PHP programming in 2005 as a CMS Open Source.

Joomla had issues at its early start. It was hard to integrate and hard to secure. It had serious security vulnerabilities.

Not until early 2010 with the release of Joomla 1.5 Version, smart, experienced developers and PHP programmers recognized how Joomla 1.5 became the favored greater useful Open Source CMS for High End massive complex websites such as TV Websites, Magazines, Online Media and Web 2.0 websites.

Also with the release of Joomla 1.7, 2.0 and 2.5, 3.0, Joomla had released JomSocial (Web 2.0 Interactive plugin, open source a beautiful software interface, backends, UI and UX ready) that became a serious Web 2.0 Open Source and Joomla’s download took off to exceed a million downloads and any Web 2.0, social networking website that required serious User Accounts functions and features for whatever the purpose used JomSocial. It became the top, best and a vital plugin to build such complex websites and systems.

In early 2009 a software called Handshakes was being used for Web 2.0 Friends, followers, accounts to allow chat, groups, followers, adding data, content, images, videos same exact Facebook main functions and features. With JomSocial and Web Developers with serious PHP experience such as iBaroody, were able to save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce websites even more complex but easy to use equivalent to Facebook or Myspace.

iBaroody Joomla Bio

iBaroody was the first web development company to use and develop Joomla 1.5, 1.7, 2.0, 2.5 in the Middle East. And globally Web companies that used the same had to release their projects at the same time iBaroody did? It took minimum 3 to 5 months from any Joomla version released and used, to finalize develop and deliver complex websites with hundreds and thousands of functions and features using the latest Joomla version.

This is Joomla Experts level.

Any company to claim they are Joomla experts must show you, the use of Joomla 1.5 in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 built sites using the latest Joomla including available now Joomla 3.6 version.

How can any Development company using beta Joomla version from day 1 deliver Joomla projects ahead of anyone else that also used it at the same time? Globally? It is impossible. This is also a vital portfolio comparison that iBaroody owns such record to base our Joomla expert level with.

Same Joomla Experts that use Joomla globally had to spend the man hours to delivery any project not less than 3 to 4 months from the date of the Joomla version release date.

Joomla experience, is based on its use. Joomla experts know how complicated and sometimes tough to use Joomla especially when it comes to serious core PHP library codes programming and customization.

As of today in 2017 Joomla has around 8000 different Plugins, software, components, modules, and exiting software to be used strictly for Joomla.

Although JomSocial can be utilized now for Word Press? JomSocial original was built for Joomla and still works best for Joomla.

As of early 2016 WordPress finally released their most modern and impressive excellent to use Web 2.0 Plugin and system BuddyPass. Not many use Joomla’s JomSocial for WordPress. It is becoming a serious competitor to JomSocial

Joomla Experts
Today the same WordPress experts and PHP are using the same and exact famous most used TOP Open sources for any business and or web purpose.

From Real Estate

Online Delivery

Online Booking and reservations
To the best of the best eCommerce Magento and Open Cart top two eCommerce Open Sources.

Since WordPress experts are also the main Joomla experts, the use of WordPress for most of their clients, iBaroody and other Joomla experts still prefer to explain and convince clients when and why to go with Joomla.

We base our Joomla experience built on tens and hundreds of client’s experiences in its use, how they use it, when and why.

Example for any Media site especially Weekly Magazines, and massive Media sites with hundreds of thousands of articles, images, videos, Joomla is better to use as it was designed and developed long ago for this sole purpose before WordPress.

Drupal the third CMS Open Source:

The ONLY Open Source left out there dying and becoming obsolete is Drupal.

ONLY freelancers use Drupal for it is the simplest easiest to use for development. However, expect any Joomla or WordPress based websites to reach World Class level as Drupal sites remain too straightforward and informative.

Joomla as of late 2015 also has added eCommerce Plugins and products management software.

Over 3500 Government Websites use Joomla today.

CNN and other Famous TV stations used Joomla between 2010 and 2012 for it were the choice and best solutions for such types of serious, complex heavy use and BIG Data websites and systems.

Although in reality Joomla and Word Press provide the same exact things, now days, and although Word Press is lighter for better performance, many Joomla users will not settle for any other CMS as they are used to working with its backend, Interface and Dashboard.

iBaroody has trained and coached our Joomla clients especially magazines and newspapers to add an average of 100 Articles manually with images and ads embedded in the article for an average of 1.5 hours man hours. A 100 pages hard copy magazine issued weekly takes 1.5 hours to insert into Joomla CMS same exact format, design and layout the hard copy.

This is still the advantage of Joomla and why iBaroody remains a Joomla expert highly experienced Joomla developers and Joomla plugins experts to sustain our existing Joomla clients upgrades, updates and help them grow and remain modern using Joomla.

Before we work for any client that we recommend Joomla for their project, we only do so after explaining about other PHP CMS Open Sources. And in many cases if they never used Joomla we tell from day one it is a little bit harder to use than WordPress as it can be more complex. BUT Joomla remains to be a better choice especially years down the road as they build hundreds and millions of pages, files in their database, online or private organized storage.

For Free Consultation and any questions about Joomla contact iBaroody and our Joomla Expert Developers can answer all your questions and we will provide you with facts, proven, tested and already implemented solutions for you to learn more and can make a good decision for your businesses, websites and web based software.

How to compare Joomla to Word Press as real life example:

What do you prefer to use?

iPhone Smartphones or Samsung Smartphones?

Both are one of the same now days providing almost all the same functions, features and both are supported by tens of thousands of applications.

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