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Magento is the Number one most expensive and classiest eCommerce software globally
It is ranked number 1 worldwide as the most advanced eCommerce online system; It is also so advanced will replace entire corporate, business, and retailers Intranet and on-site software and systems ranging from, including, accounting, procurement, warehouse, products management, clients and customers, providers, merchandise business solutions.

Before 2010 Major web owners and rich retailers used Magento, however, not many web companies and software developers had the ability to use it, because most clients did not want to pay for Magento licenses a year:

– The cost was $14,995 for the Standard license a year.
– $24,500 for the Premium license a year.

As PHP advanced since 2007 Open Sources became highly secured, available for free to use and build on Moreover, developers finally had the chance to build world class eCommerce websites direct buying, selling, and even flash eCommerce using 60% of the existing 100% tested PHP codes with beautiful easy to use interfaces, backend, and user accounts.

Open Cart became the most advanced and most popular PHP eCommerce Open Source.

iBaroody started using Open Cart in early 2011.
It gave us the ability to build fully fulmination World Class Websites equivalent to an even better and more modern than the most famous companies in the world.

As the famous brands has to design an in develop their sites either from scratch or using Php platform to design and develop the entire CMS/CRM/ADMIN (Backend) from scratch took minimum one year at costs ranging up to $500,000 in many cases, Open cart library reduced the workload down to 1000 man-hours and maximum 2000 man hours to deliver the same exact quality and better than the $500,000 websites.

More and more web and software developers used Open Cart leaving Magento the business side of their licensing hanging in jeopardy.

First Free Magento Version: Magento Community (Open Source)

Before Magento lost its clients, they were forced to release a free version called
Magento Community in hopes to stop the dramatic growth of the use of the Open cart down.

By having thousands of websites and companies use Magento free version Magento benefited by selling to some their expertise in customization instead of lines and then Magento went on building some of the most powerful available business solutions online available today in 2017

One Example: Warehouse Management Plugin.

If any business owned multiple, warehouses and in different countries, Magento and its plugins is already tested and has become the one software that gives such companies the ability to manage millions of products, and all the software and systems required for full business solutions, products, software in one place working with one CMS Magento.

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