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iBaroody & PHP Bio

To be an Expert WordPress Developer and Software development programming company first you must have the highest level of PHP programmers because all the best of the best CMS and WordPress are PHP based. iBaroody recognized the importance of PHP programming early. Since 2007, we have been pioneers in the USA in using PHP for all software, website, and web-based systems development.

iBaroody & CSS Bio

iBaroody offers expertise in the use of CSS technology. iBaroody was a first adopter of CSS, which replaced the use of heavy Java to develop drop-down, multi-level menus with grandfather, parent, and child links. 

iBaroody has been the leading Middle Eastern company in using Word Press since 2010.

How we compete with web and software development companies is easily explained:

1- Other companies build CMS from scratch.

2- They have their own CMS.

3- They claim that the use of .asp and .aspx improves security.

Ask yourself: Alibaba, the world’s top e-commerce site and most visited online retailer, has built its entire system with PHP. Would Alibaba have invested more than 10,000 man hours into PHP if it had any doubts about vulnerability and security?

Amazon is the world’s second-largest e-commerce website, the world’s most visited online retailer for e-commerce purchases, and is the top online seller of all products in the USA and the West. It has finally recognized the importance of PHP, and now, its entire site and system are PHP based. Does Amazon, the one-time leader in cloud server technology in 2006, have any doubts about PHP security and vulnerabilities compared with .asp and .aspx? Or has it learned what iBaroody already knew in 2007: that PHP is undeniably the programming language of the future?

Clients often do not recognize the importance of WordPress. It is the No. 1 CMS globally and is used in 40% of all new websites and Web-based software.

In the past two years alone, WordPress has developed even more plugins, software, components, and applications which can be used for free or paid listwise than in the past five years.

WordPress is the most important CMS globally. iBaroody guarantees that, with the use of WordPress, no client will require further development for a minimum of 10 years.

Proof and Facts

How can anyone claim to have developed or own a better CMS than WordPress? WordPress has millions of users, including more than 3,000 government users. Some of the most famous websites ultimately adopted WordPress after spending millions developing their own CMS or pure PHP platforms.


  • The New York Times, the No. 1 newspaper in the world, launched a new website based on WordPress in 2016.
  • The Washington Post launched its website using WP CMS version 4.2 in 2015.

iBaroody has been the No. 1 company using the latest versions of Word Press even when in the beta stage.

iBaroody programmers have more than 11 years’ on-the-job experience with PHP programming. Our strength is building, manipulating, and re-coding the core programming libraries of any CMS, plugin, application, software, system, platform, and module.

Our serious, expert-level experience is the reason why iBaroody delivers the highest-quality websites, web-based software systems, business solutions, and business software products today in apples-to-apples and oranges-to-oranges comparisons of pricing, testing, and maintenance.


WordPress is a free, open-source CMS. WordPress is what it is today is because the use of PHP programming makes it easy to download. This program opened up the entire globe to the idea of using open-source products.

An open-source product is already-built software that experienced developers can use to save an average of 60% in project development. This 60% savings, in turn, is guaranteed to save clients tens of thousands of dollars and approximately 1 year in the time to own a world-class, high-end website and web-based software and systems.

This 60% is free—period.

Microsoft products and software built with .Net create programming nightmares, bugs, and mingled clodes, which fixing and debugging wastes much time, WordPress is error free.

It takes PHP programming experts, though to build on that 60% of a programming library, and that remaining 40% can require 200, 300, 500, 1000 –5,000 PHP man hours to develop and finalize a project using the same exact WordPress version. Why do we spend such man hours and man days adding and building using WorsPress? The result is how to own original your own software and World Class Website and Web-based system. The result is now you have a serious effective chance to compete and beat. Why else you want to build such modern website?

How to evaluate compare facts about Quotes & Pricing


Learn how to compare Quotes and Pricing:
When you receive or read WordPress proposals and quotes for $2000 to $3000. Such websites are already made websites. Or a company that sells such website they are using existing source files and are not developing a new original website. Means web owners will own something unworthy. How can anyone spend 100’s of programming hours for any Project for $2500 only? How?
The average PHP programming hour costs $33 globally.

Do you really need someone to explain this to you?

They take maximum 25 to 35 man hours to fully finish and go live. How is it possible to beat and compete with any WordPress website specifically built with 200 man hours to 300+ hours, that we know and have done it over and over. Even better, how can a 300 man hours WordPress website be compared to an even higher level, developing websites and Systems using the same WordPress CMS and version for 500 to 1000 man-hours? Why would anyone and any developer dedicate and spend such man hours?

Why would anyone want to pay that much for a WordPress website?

The Answer:

Learn the real-life differences in regards quotes and pricing:
If you do stick with only $2000 to $2500 WordPress websites, statistically, the odds and we know and has been proven and tested the web owner as he or she thinks they own a beautiful website (And they are beautiful), this is about the only level the site will reach online. Same concept as what a brochure is and does in the real world.

In business why would anyone spend $2000 to $3000 knowing it will not generate you any traffic or money? Nor is it going to increase your business. The whole purpose of Website is to tap into the Online World economy 4 to 5 trillion USD a year spent online. Do you think you will get your share and be able to compete with such a website compared those that use WordPress and spend 1000 man hours and more to own a World Class website and system?

  • This is not really about the money.
  • It is about the level of work.
  • The harder the work, the smarter developers are, the more man hours, which does cost additional costs and investments on client’s behalf, is the main and sole reason to why companies as:

iBaroody guarantee and only know each client and with each project, everything we do is about one and only one purpose: “Profits” for clients.

We know how to generate web owners profit. We know regardless what anyone else does? How cheap or how expensive their work is? It does not matter. Man hours are man hours. The results are based on experience man hours guided by a highly experienced project manager.

This is where most Web owners and potential clients get lost, confused, cannot see or believe, nor do they have the knowledge about it, and this is exactly what happens when any company, small or big, any Advertising expert, Marketing Consultants IT and even Computer Science grads working in the private or public sectors fail to recognize that websites are not just websites. Websites are your real estate your property online. They are your own TV Station, Magazine, billboards online. Without this level of a website, we advise you do not waste your money. More important? Every month it gets harder and harder to compete. Online marketing gets more and more expensive to achieve the same results if done today and you did not wait longer.

Within six month maximum a year anyone that settles for such WordPress website or any other low budget type:

(already made bought for $60 downloaded and integrated for $2500, or copied from someone else’s source files) will not receive a single phone call or lead, email or direct sale.

Then and even then web owners still cannot diagnose why?
Or they do and realize they have to spend more money again to redesign and develop a World Class website.

That six months lost? Even worse if took a year for a web owner to figure it out? Is by itself a loss of tens of thousands of USD not being online from day one competing and growing strong in Google.

95% of everyone and everybody globally searches for you in Google.

Google and all the online marketing involved to empower websites and generate website traffic from Google consume 80% of everything there is “Online Marketing.”

– In case you hear a lot about SMM (Social Media Marketing) know this: regardless how much money you spend on SMM or time you invest and everything there is to do with SMM such useful, successful campaigns or not, is and only is 5% of Online Marketing.

So now you know the facts, 80% is about Google. (60% SEO 20% SEM)
And everything Google is about, and Google does?

It all Starts & Ends with your website.

– How original?
– How unique?
– How is it built?
– What is it built with?
– It’s size matters.
– The technologies used matters.

-The worst part is: Google has one SANDBOX filter if your web design, HTML5 and programming is already found in Google (DUPLICATE):

Right away Google thinks if you are a real corporation, legit company, and an important business for what you do or sell, you used an existing website or already made website. You spent less than $3000.

Regardless how much you pay for SEO monthly later on. Sooner or later your website is going to fall behind especially if your competitor did it right from day one.
Invested and built an original World Class Website.

Misunderstandings and a lack of knowledge create misperceptions among clients.

Companies might claim to create better WordPress websites that are 100% tested and have responsive design for $3,000 or less. It is impossible, for anyone to build world-class, customized websites and software for that price.

Such WordPress websites are already fully designed, developed, and integrated websites with WordPress CMS that anyone can BUY for $60 to $120. About 2,000 such sites are available globally.

Any company that sells such websites at these prices is making 80% pure profit. $60 to $100 to buy it, 10 man hours to download and integrate it, 5 man hours design customization. 

If any website owner believes that they own a truly customized website and WordPress CMS for such a price, know this: if it took $100 to BUY and a few days tops to download, integrate, and customize the design, then at least 100,000 other owners own the same website.

This by itself raises the stakes and makes it is impossible for your website to compete and succeed.


Again, we repeat and emphasize:

95% of anyone and everyone uses Google to search and find what they are looking for online.

Reason 1:

When Google searches hundreds of thousands of websites and finds them to be the same, it immediately considers those businesses and websites to very low level and not worth ranking high in search results. Instead, Google highly ranks other websites in which an average of $20,000 and 1000 PHP man hours have been invested.

Reason 2:

Any web company that sells such websites usually recognizes the important of WordPress. However, it does not have the PHP advanced-programming capabilities to manipulate the core programming of the CMS or plugin. Therefore, it is impossible to customize any website and software to meet clients’ expectations and to organize and manage the business’s needs.

Reason 3:

Such simple such websites and software mean that the developers are not very familiar with using WordPress CMS’s backend functions and features.

Regardless of how much training clients receive in using their website backend, 80% of all functions and features are not for ordinary users but developers. Today, WordPress and open-source products so complex that it takes an expert developer to use 80% of the backend. This feature saves developers many man hours to program and write codes, instead of re-writing PHP programming and adding the proper script to the source files. Nowadays, WordPress has it all.

Clients and websites owners must know the facts
(false ideas and Comparisons):

How easy it is for you to learn to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges?

Anyone who researches WordPress visits its amazing plugin portfolio and finds more plugins and already-built software for any cause might think that downloading and integrating free or buying WordPress plugins download is as simple as owning a smartphone, let’s say, an iPhone. An iPhone user can go to an Apple store and download any ready-to-use app.

If this is so easy, why is reality different? Why did The New York Times and other famous sites get it (used WordPress finally) but still had to spend on average 3,000 to 5,000 programming hours to get their sites to that level? The same level you see them online now.

It is complex and not easy as you think.

Pure PHP vs. WordPress CMS

As easy as downloading WordPress plugins sounds, here is what you should consider:

1- How will website visitors access the functions and features of online software? This requires HTML5 coding to access anything linked to a website.

2- How will the web pages and the functions and features of any open-source plugin communicate with the database? This is an important function of PHP programming and is as serious as building any software from scratch; there is no difference.

3- To complicate matters more, why do some developers use pure PHP codes and take one year to do a project that never can beat a WordPress website? It is because the PHP programmers have to start things from a simple level, so they do not become too complex for them to change, build, and add to their source files. The developer has to know exactly how to fix and maintain the website.

4- This is the difference between WordPress programming development and other types of programming. Expect PHP programs to include existing codes with programming written in different ways, which requires using codes and files to get the website to do what you want it to. Finding and working on existing programming codes is much harder than doing so from scratch.

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