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Ananaz Club
Mr. Imad Salloum Co-Founder & Chairman, Ananaz Club INC. I www.AnanazClub.com
We thank iBaroody staff and senior management for all their efforts, dedication, and hard work they have put in our project. As we trusted iBaroody from day one to deliver what we asked for, they found better solutions to exceed our expectations guaranteeing our success in one of the most competitive industries online; the HR Industry. Now, the entire business management and administration is based on our website. It is rare in the MENA region to find a company such as iBaroody that will never stop the work nor say no to you until they are sure and satisfied with what works best for us. Their strengths are what keeps them up with the industries and the fast advancement of technologies. Regardless of what they have agreed to give us they voluntarily added and updated our system without hesitation. We highly recommend iBaroody to any professional looking for professionals and for the most experienced at what they do.
Furniture Catch LLC (USA)
M. M. Soubra CEO & on behalf of the Investors Group I www.FurnitureCatch.com
We thank iBaroody for their continuous support. From a small idea to all the research on how to design and develop Furniture Catch LLC online business. The credit goes to iBaroody highly experienced staff and Senior Project Managers. Along the way, we encountered several business complex issues. iBaroody resolved all the issues and educated us with full transparency about all available and possible technological solutions. Their free consultations have been an asset for our company to start and succeed. We recommend iBaroody to investors and companies looking for the highest level online business developers and, marketers digital and SEO as iBaroody is the only company we have found that has mastered every service available to serve their clients well web related and IT Big Database management and full administration.
Finance Bank SAL
Abbas M. Fahs, Headquarter’s Manager I www.FinanceBK.com
We were very impressed from the first conversation. They read our minds without any hassles. Creativity, professionalism, experience, flexibility, responsiveness, quality and honesty sparked to create this masterpiece website. IBaroody combined our ideas with their professionalism to create exactly what we were looking for. This site fits the image we need to portray. Thanks so much for creating a website that speaks loud to all stakeholders. You really delivered an award winning website! It was done on time and budget. We highly recommend anyone looking for the best customer experience, after sales, professional designs and above all honesty and ethics to work with iBaroody represented by Mr. Aziz Baroody and his team. It was a fruitful project! It will be a lifetime relationship.

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