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While the Internet is a very big place with the potential to connect the lives of three billion people internationally, not everyone in the world happens to speak the same language.  In fact, there are hundreds of languages represented online, meaning there are hundreds of different markets you could tap into. If you offer an international service but are unable to market your product due to a lack of effective communication with people in other languages, what you need is a quality translator.

However, while translation and writing services are easy to come by online, it’s very hard to find quality translations. Here at iBaroody, we don’t just plug your content into a translation program and lazily hand it back to you. We understand the work and effort that needs to be put into translating content and services, especially if you aim to successfully market the quality and care you’ve put into your company to other countries. Thus, we offer true quality translation services in Lebanon.

This means studying the way your business, services, and products work, identifying who your key customers are in order to hit the right audience, and then developing region-specific translations that take into account a number of nuanced factors, such as slang, humor, dialectic differences, and writing styles.

We also double-check our work through the expertise and talents of local editors, so you can be sure that the translated content we offer is proofread for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as stylistic issues. We offer translations for a number of different kinds of content, including:

  • Video Scripts
  • Blog Content
  • Detailed Articles
  • Item and Service Descriptions
  • Web Content
  • And more…

No two pieces of content are alike, so every bit of our translation and writing services is offered with care. That means delivering swift, timely work, regardless of what the source material may be. Through the help of language experts and skilled translators, we will make quick work of your translation needs, so you can cater to markets even your competitors haven’t accessed. Contact us today to get started and avail of our translation services in Lebanon.

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