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A picture may say a thousand words, but a thousand pictures can say so much more. With the ever-increasing amount of content on the web, producing something that can catch a potential client’s eye can be frustratingly difficult. But with video, your chances of engaging the audience increase multifold.

However, getting your hands on a way to efficiently stream a valuable commodity like video without the use of common and overloaded public channels like Vimeo, YouTube or Dailymotion is a challenge for many companies trying to establish themselves in a sea of competitors.

With our video hosting services here at iBaroody, that problem goes away swiftly. Through our online infrastructure, you can upload, host and display your video through our dedicated servers and show your clients a new side of your company in a way that text and pictures never can.

The Power of Video

Versus long lines of text and static images, video does a better job of engaging clients visually and informing them of the purposes and benefits of your service or product in a quick few minutes. With our help and expertise, your video will be produced and marketed in a way that appeals to your customer base, while enticing search engines and helping you readily outrank your local competition.

How Can iBaroody Help?

Through iBaroody, you have access to number of our complementary and video hosting services, such as:

  • Video Hosting
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Management Coaching
  • Video Implementation
  • Video Service Support

There’s much more to video than the production of the file itself. Video requires a very specific kind of search engine optimization, it needs to be integrated into a website without causing significant slowdowns or delays, and the encoding of the video file determines whether it becomes a benefit for your company and your services, or a hindrance in achieving competitive website loading times.

Here at iBaroody, we have the expertise and toolset needed to do video the right way – from the technical side of hosting and implementing your video, to properly marketing it and providing you with all the support you might need to get your website running properly. Contact us today to get your video project on the road, and trust us to turn an otherwise bumpy journey into a smooth ride.

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