15 & 30 Seconds Video Ads Video Teasers

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Video Ads Development Video Teasers & Promotion Videos: 

15 Seconds Videos
videos/video clips are videos specifically designed and developed for Online Ads such as YouTube, TV Ads, TV Teasers, and Media Advertising.

30 Seconds Videos
We develop Video at 30 seconds HD quality for TV ads. For a fraction of TV ads, Studio shooting iBaroody develops High-End professional videos for any Advertising purposes specifically to be used as TV ads.

Teaser Videos
Video Teasers are created designed and developed in order to start promotion of any product, new brand, new Real Estate projects, and any other serious advertising or marketing campaign that require such Teaser Videos to start with their marketing and prmotionVideo Teasers purpose to get viewers, followers, online or through traditional media to anticipate what’s next. Usually, teaser videos tell a short brief subject to be highly interesting and to make people anticipate what’s next? What’s next usually is Promotional videos or any other type of presentation videos going into details about the projects, product, brand or another purpose the Video Teaser is developed for.


How do we do it?

iBaroody uses several different technologies to produce the high-level high-quality videos.

  • We start with Story Board
    (Client feedbacks and approvals required)
  • Photostory board
    (Client feedbacks and approvals required)
  • Design and Development starts


Video Development Technologies 

–  We combine, Images, Text, Content
–  Motion Graphics technologies
–  Moving Images Technologies 2D Motion Graphics
–  2D and 3D Animation if we have to
–  Real Footage editing and retouching

We use several different types of videos and video technologies to perfect the time of the video to perfectly be approved for already set time slots.