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3D Videos are videos created 3D Video technology. Software such as AutoCAD and others are required to design 3D Images then putting it together will create 3D videos.
Graphics designers usually with serious experience learn the 3D design and 3D development in order to catch up with the demand of this industry.

It does take years on the job practice and experience for 3D Graphics designers to produce high quality 3D images.
With such High Quality 3D images then comes the putting it together part.
Same concept as a slide show.

In simple language: Do you remember the old cartoon movie such as Tom and Jerry? Each image had to be drawn by hand by Artists. Tens and tens and then hundreds and hundreds of images drawn manually put in order and sequence to be turned into film.

The film thumbnails are the reflection of each image that the film machine run it fast slide by slide therefore image by image and this is what you see an entire Cartoon Movie or Cartoon clip or Real.

With the 3D technology it work the same way. However the quality of the artistic graphics is beyond amazing and beautiful.

3D Videos Benefits:

– The prices work much faster.

– One 3D expert can create an entire 1 minute 3D video in 4 weeks’ time.

– This is 3D design and 3D Development at its best.
3D images & videos require the following:
iBaroody A to Z – 3D Images and 3D COMPETE FULL PACKAGE
1- Creativity to create the background, the scenes, the charterers

2- Each section that creates one image has to be approved by client.

3- Once each section part of each image is approved:

4- Every single image can be created to show whatever the requirements of the clients are.

iBaroody A to Z – 3D Videos and 3D Video COMPETE FULL PACKAGE
1- If the client has a Story board and ideas of creativity on mind:

A- Then iBaroody will take the Storyboard and turn each segment, section, part, of the story board into a 3D image to give the client the easy “Visualization” of what to expect in Graphics, backgrounds, colors, and visual references.

B- Once client Approves this process of the images in sequence. Then iBaroody takes the story board, adds the images, and adds animation, movement, and 3D Video flow”
This is basically the entire story board developed as a very simple video without the 3D images, only to show the sequence of each segment of the 3D video.

C- Clint Must approve the moving Storyboard sequence.

2- Once iBaroody has both 3D images approved, and the story board moving section with basic animation approved is when we get to work to complete the entire 3D process at this point on we already know clients satisfaction and approval will be 100% guaranteed for each step has already been approved.

3- End result? An entire 3D video put together plays beautifully using the latest HD quality available today for 3D videos technology.

4- iBaroody also volunteers to edit the 3D video into segments such as 2 seconds and 10 seconds Reals maybe to prove the client with such time frames 3D video clips to be used for any purpose such as basic animation of Logo? Possible YouTube ads? Etc…

5- iBaroody delivers the entire 3D video on DVD and online including all the work we did for the client approved reals and un-approved.

A- All HD images.
B- The entire 3D Video HD/HQ quality
C- The entire 3D Video Web Resolution Quality

D- All Video segments, Images NOT Approval and all Material iBaroody had to redo in order to earn clients 100% Approval.