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Company Video Presentation and Corporate Video Profiles

How do businesses and corporations represent who they are and what they do?

1-      First professional means to do is the Company Profile. Also known as Corporate Presentation.
It is usually designed and put together to explain what a company does, when, where etc… History, Bio, testimonials, Portfolio, Partners and most important contact information.
The Company Profile comes in PDF. One designed to send Via email. Same PDF is also designed for Hard Copy Print.

2-      Company Profiles are also created using PowerPoint. To present a company’s services and products using a slideshow. PowerPoint are an asset especially effective  in meetings and conferences.

3-      The new Trend is a Company Corporate Video Presentation:

Corporate and Company Video Presentation takes all other profiles, presentation, brochures designed and developed into a one video. Usually short between 1 minute and 2 minutes.

– This video starting with the most important branding for example: Company Logo.

– Animated movement of Branding

– Cut and edited into several segments same as each Hard Copy brochure is one page.

– A mix between images, videos, different technologies, text and content titles and how you present and add the Audio and Text into the video explaining things as the video plays has been proven to be the highest Level most expensive (for giving you the image) way, luxurious, and — professional type of presentation to promote, introduce, and convince potential clients and any customers to why you? Who are you? Why you deserve to earn their business?

The Corporate Presentation Video is the most effective tool in solidifying a company’s record, services, products and should be very interesting as any may view it over and over pause to read certain sections of it.

Your company in brief from A to Z

The quality OF THE PRESENTATION VIDEO the Story Board that it is developed around it, is important and requires serious experience in this field to maintain interest and viewers focus; to be able to take a human presenter, one on one conference, meeting, presentation down to 1 to 2 minutes; to be able to relay the message any business or corporation wants to convince the viewer’s why choose us as an example.

iBaroody has years of experience in presenting companies using Videos. In 2007 iBaroody Corporate videos WON an award in the USA as not many produced corporate presentation using Web Videos technology.

iBaroody went further into having real actor/presenter walk across the website pages speaking explaining refereeing to the web pages boxes, images, headings and text. Virtual Web Presenter Online! 3D Animation and/or real people video makers!

Instead for any web visitors take the time to read the webpages? The Video presentation using visual and Audio files became a backup plan to help web visitors understand the content, purpose, and effectiveness to what the website is about therefore what and how important the company is.

Such virtual walkthrough presentation videos as modern and as in demand they were in the USA between 2006 and 2007 faded away because not many web visitors had speakers or the means to listen to Audio especially while they were navigating websites at their work place using work desktops.

Corporate Video Production process: 

The learning experience from such video production has given iBaroody the better edge to be able to write complete Corporate Presentation videos from scratch turn it into a successful written story board the all the way to clients 100% approval and satisfaction of the completed perfected video!.

  • Then story board is shared with the client.
  • With clients feedback and approvals the Story board then is turned into a Moving images and scenes Storyboard.
  • Which again is sent and shared with the client for feedback and approvals.
  • Once the clients knows exactly how the video will start using what?
  • The Clients knows what are all the steps, stages, scenes of the video.
  • The client is clear with full understanding  to how iBaroody will develop the video and only after clients approval iBaroody takes that story board and turns it into a very effective company or corporate presentation video.

The Corporate Video serves several important purposes to promote a company.

A-     The Main task behind the Corporate Presentation video is: To use the video in meetings or send via email to impress potential clients and give them the presentation through visual and audio technology.

B-      The same video will be used for Video Marketing on the web. The more video views the video gets means the more exposure the company achieves.

C-      Adding the corporate presentation video to the company’s website solidifies the prestige of the company, elevates the website to a more expensive classier level, something loved by all web users and Google. It will make your website more valuable and important.