Video Management & Videos Software

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1- iBaroody Developed Video Libraries & Video Showcases.

Video Libraries provide Web owners the ability to upload videos to their website. Create Video Galleries. Assign Video showcases to any Web page they want including Home Pages.

 2- iBaroody uses the latest VOD (Video on Demand Software)

Using the most advanced PHP codes and programming iBaroody can customize any VOD to suit Web owners requirements.
VOD’s are required when Clients have hundreds and thousands of videos to Upload to their systems.

Main VOD Functions:

-Categorize Videos by creating Main and Sub-categories
(Video Directory)
-Assign Featured videos. Related/Popular/Suggested/Recommended,
-Set videos for Public or Private.
-Store videos online.
-Archive videos.
-Safe guard their videos using the latest securities, backups.

3- WebTV Services – Videos Platforms

WebTV gives any Web Owner the same purpose TV Stations and Radios exist today in the real world (Traditional Media) but online! Adding a WebTV to your site is the same as if you own your TV and Radio stations on the Web!

iBaroody uses the latest Video Platforms available worldwide. Same Video Platforms used by the Media Giants as,, etc…

WebTV Design

iBaroody can customize any WebTV designs including Interfaces and Dashboards.

WebTV Functions Customization

iBaroody Programmers will enable  WebTV owners to have their own Online Video Technologies without dealing with multiple second and third parties.

WebTV Benefits Not Applicable with VOD’s

LIVE Video Conferencing.
LIVE Video Broadcasting.
LIVE Cam videos technology without having to deal with purchasing hardware and hiring networking companies.