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iBaroody Viral Video Marketing Services are provided to iBaroody clients that get their videos designed, developed, produces, created, and perfected with iBaroody.Regardless what the video is about and what technology is used to create the video, iBaroody offers Viral Video marketing services for each client and each video.
Once the video is approved by the client, iBaroody resized a special video version for the Web. The Web Video will be watermarked with Clients name for Branding, and the clients website should be added to the video.

Viral Video Marketing Service:

Viral Video Marketing Submissions:

iBaroody has an updated list of just over 150 different Video Websites YouTube is the Number 1 on the list.

iBaroody will create each client with an account with each video based website.
Once all Video Website accounts are ready, iBaroody Data Entry Staff will upload the clients video to all the TOP Video Websites starting with YouTube!
This gives the video the chance to be viewed by hundreds and thousands of views from all the Video Websites.
Depending on the Video content, market, and video purposes, the video now has a chance to go VIRAL!

Many video website account holders, channel owners, and heavy video users and subscribers might and shall add the video to their own account and favorites. In many cases many video users will re-upload the video for their own video accounts to generate video views to their video profile pages for whatever purpose they need it for.

This process when and if it happens? Is the first step for the video to go VIRAL! Meaning: The video will get promoted for free. Over and over from various different websites, various different users, and with time the video can be viewed by thousands, hundreds of thousands, and hopefully million and millions of viewers.

This is Viral Video Marketing Success.

Viral Video Marketing using Social Media Websites

iBaroody creates each video client an account for each of the TOP 80 famous well knows Social networking websites such as Facebook, Pinterest Twitter, so forth…

iBaroody uploaded the video to the walls, profile pages, and Sub websites for each of the Social networking websites. Using sharing, Comments, and other means of free promotions provided by the Social Media website iBaroody will heavily promote the clients video in hopes for it to go VIRAL!

Viral Video Marketing through Emails and Emailing Systems

iBaroody uses various different Email Lists depending on the clients market, video topic and subject, and the clients business or corporate needs.
iBaroody will email a video embedded link to all the emails on the list(s).
iBaroody uses ONLY Manual Email Marketing in order for each email to be received in the Inbox of all email recipients.
Statistically certain percentages of all email recipients will click and view the video.

With the hopes of sharing, forwarding email, and commenting on the video all actions combined will dramatically help spread the video for free. This is video marketing at its best.

The combination of the three Main Viral Video Marketing Services implemented at the same time in a very timely fashion, will help promote clients business, website, goals using the World Wide Web the Internet as the Audience giving the client the opportunity to achieve serious marketing and advertising effective success for virtually almost no costs and no money to spend?

Try and compare such Viral Video Marketing services with the opportunity for each video to become Globally Famous Verses paying Advertising companies and TV Stations and Media Channels for a 30 seconds SPOT?

The online world has literary CHNAGED THE ENTIRE Advertising, marketing , PR world and when you compare iBaroody Video Internet Marketing Services with the traditional Media services at a fraction of the costs we already know the facts, statistics, and the effectiveness to what each dollar spent will get you.

Viral Video Marketing Arabic or English Web Video Samples