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History of Blogging Videos:

Two PayPal employees used their PC Camera to take Selfie-Videos. Back then the terms Selfie did not exist.
The two employees did so to communicate with each other instead of having top type long emails. How much easier is it to watch a person online talk to you instead of having to read emails? (Sending Receiving Information Via Videos instead of typing emails was the simple idea)

This was the birth of and we all know the two employees earned 2 Billon USD when Google bought YouTube out!!!

The communication videos between the sender and receiver became the new phenomena and is what YouTube was originally designed and developed to be the tool for anyone to upload videos send anyone else the Embedded URL to watch the videos.

The term BLOG was already in use as years earlier BLOGs became the websites for people to interact, writer, publish online their ideas, thoughts, Articles, so forth.

Now instead of having to type Articles the communication became using Videos.


What are Blogging Videos?

Blogging Videos are videos created to be added to any BLOG or/and uploaded to the Video websites to market the videos. Video Promotion generates more and more Video views.

iBaroody since 2005 recognized the importance of Blogging Videos.
Blogging videos are not limited to having a person take CAM video to speak and reply his/her messages via videos.

Blogging videos can be produced designed and developed anyway their owners want them to be as long as they are original, very interesting and catchy, the purpose of a Blog video is served.


Blogging Video Services

iBaroody Blogging Video Services offers video clients the “Creativity” in knowing what and how to produce a blogging video to meet Web Users standards and insuring the video is effective in sending the Bloggers Message.


Developing Producing Blogging Videos

Other than hiring Video Makers or filmmakers to produce a Blogging Video, iBaroody offers four different Video technologies to create an impressive Blogging Video.

Although a Blogging Video can be as simple and easy as turning your CAM on recording your CAM video then uploading it to YouTube and any Video websites, Professional Blogging Videos are available for a reason.

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