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We are sure while surfing the internet you may have come across instances where a single video, or a funny meme is bombarding you from all different channels – YouTube, BuzzFeed, Vimeo, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or any other channel that you may be following. These are called viral videos!

As one might imagine, the huge surge in their popularity is the result of domino effect. I liked a video, I share it with hundreds of my friends, most of them re-share, which is then shared again by their friends. This creates an ‘exponential’ domino effect, and within a day, the video is a hit and is present everywhere. Remember that blue-gold dress? That was one example of viral video marketing.

But do these videos become viral because they are great and people can’t help but share them or is this ‘virality’ orchestrated?

Well, you may be surprised but it’s the latter! Most viral videos you see on the internet are properly planned and executed marketing ideas through good channels that provide them maximum visibility.

A single viral video can benefit you beyond measure. Thousands of hits in a single day and you don’t know when it’s going to stop. Just a couple of viral videos and you may find your business graduating in scale. Such is the power of viral video marketing.

iBaroody offers you the best video marketing services in Lebanon at the most affordable prices

There is no point in creating a video that goes viral but is unrelated to your brand. Sure it will get you tens of thousands of hits in a couple of days but would that effect your revenue? No!

iBaroody understands this. Our team of experts will understand your brand and its audience and then create a viral-able video that is a collective result of brainstorming, planning and a great marketing strategy. This way when you video goes viral you’ll not only get traffic but also an increase in brand awareness and revenue, hitting two birds with a single stone.

iBaroody has one of the best team of conceptualizers, artists, media strategists, planners, business strategists who will understand you unique brand requirements and give you somethings that delivers.

So, What are you waiting for? Contact our experts know and Go Viral!!

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