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Virtual Servers Management

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Traditionally, a server is an in-house computer managed and updated regularly for the purposes of storing all sorts of company data – from client information, to the media uploaded on your websites and applications.

However, as the scope of the Internet grows and the applications for web technology in business increases, so does the need for bigger, better and more sophisticated server technology. While bigger enterprises can survive the investment, smaller enterprises used to be left in the dust – until virtual servers came along.

By eliminating the in-house aspect of your server, a virtual cloud server lets you access all the benefits of a regular server (data space and security) without many of the downsides (heavy management). But virtual servers are not without headaches. Accountability, vulnerability and data protection, alongside limited space and functionality are all legitimate concerns that business owners have regarding virtual servers. Looking after your data and managing your side of the contract can become tedious and, for smaller businesses, a significant hog of your resources.

That’s why we at iBaroody offer a comprehensive virtual server management service, so you don’t have to worry about your virtual servers while working on your business’ web presence.

What Does iBaroody Offer?

To make sure everything is working smoothly along your end, we ensure the well being of your company’s server through the following services:

  • Virtual Server Management
  • Complete Cyber Security
  • Latest Software Updates
  • Daily Server Checkup
  • Performance Improvements
  • Regular Server Cleanup

Here at iBaroody, we help small businesses efficiently allocate their resources by ensuring that their servers are running as smoothly as possible, through daily checks and regular software updates.

Instead of relying on in-house personnel to look after the state of your company’s data, contact us at iBaroody. Our virtual server management service sees to it that you can focus your attention on your clients’ needs and requests – without delay or significant setup time.

Contact us to get started on formulating a plan of action surrounding your server size, company budget and business-specific needs. Here at iBaroody, your problems meet their end – get in touch today.

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