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Web Administration Coaching & Training

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There’s many things to like about a well-developed website. For one, fast loading times take advantage of connections with harsher broadband limitations or slower download speeds, and favor well among people who itch for websites that load up their content in under five seconds. Then, there’s the joy of seeing the traffic pile in as the months of promotion and SEO work finally pay off in the form of traffic and actionable leads.

Then there’s the buzz you get for updating or creating your website. And the influx of revenue through a modernized web-presence.

Yet even with the perfect webpage, there is one problem you could always run into – an obtuse backend. If your backend or control panel is difficult to navigate, full of complicated functions or designed for an experienced developer, then as a business person and company admin you’ll run into the problem that you don’t have direct control over your company’s website – and that is no good.

The Perks of Choosing iBaroody

With years of experience, we at iBaroody specialize in a number of online business services, including:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Application and Software Development
  • Website Promotion
  • Online Marketing
  • And Online Coaching.

Here at iBaroody, we don’t just put good value on ensuring that a website is easy to use and navigate from the company’s side – we also make sure through our web administration coaching that, if you’d like to know the ins and outs of having full administrative power over your company’s website, we can help you out.

No more moments of frustration as you hit another error message or fail to figure out how to modify your website functions – if you want to manage your website fully after we’re done with the  web development process, when we can set you up and teach you how to update services and products, upload new images and videos, get them displaying properly as per your website’s layout and design, and teach you how to implement customer testimonials and much, much more.

Contact us today to get started on creating or updating your existing website, so we can build you a responsive site to blow your competition out of the water, while giving you full reigns of everything behind-the-scenes through web administration coaching.

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