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Web Designers in: Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, UAE, Jeddah, KSA, Beirut, Kuwait, Oman, Riyadh

Web Design Stats and Internet Demand Growth:

Website Design Lebanon

1992 – 2004     50 Million Websites existed!
2004 – 2007    100 Million Websites
2007 – 2009    350 Million Websites
2009 – 2013    700 Million Websites
2013 to Present Over 1 BILLION websites are online

This Number is guaranteed to grow by 25% each and every year for the next decade!
Mobile Applications are history, and with RESPONSIVE technology thanks to Google websites are the future to access the World Wide Web from all Browsers including Mobile!

Stage 1: Get Serious about Web Design

To Benefit, get Business, Profit, Compete and Ultimately Succeed Online
You have to Own the Highest Level Website Possible today with CMS, CRM, Systems, Software, all Functions & Features customized for your Business & Market.
This is the right approach to run and manage your entire Online Operation guaranteed to remain fully compatible and modern for the next ten years!

Size and Quality matters!

Stage 2: The Web Design

Once your project is online… Now You own a High Riser minimum 60 to 120 Stories high, with offices, stores, apartments, all fully furnished, with Interior Decoration designed & developed to impress! In any city globally, this real estate is so high and unique it will stand out tall and beautiful!

PERCEPTION: Your Website is the Same Online

Stage 3: Web Design & Web Development

Any individual to any size Corporation, Associations, NGO, Business, Retailer, Agency, Store, etc…
with such a High End Level Website now all are equal Online with the same equivalent Website that no money can BUY you more or better!
Thanks to the modern technologies DHTML5, Advanced PHP Programming, MySQL for Database coupled with existing Best of the Best Open Sources, and the hand full of existing TOP CMSs, CRMs, eCommerce, Web 2.0  software, systems, & 1000’s of Component & Modules available to automate your growth!

Stage 4: Your website is Live Online

We do live in two different worlds!
The Real World and the Online World!
In the Real World Markets are represented by the Traditional Media: TV stations, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards flyers…
Online? Now you literary own your TV stations, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards!
Do you need Advertising Companies? Marketing Agencies? PR? Consultants?
Spend Millions on their campaigns and find out for yourself what results in you get.

Stage 5: Operating & Managing your Websites & Web Project

Are you home alone running your own business? Or you are a 2000+ Employees company?

In the Real World:

Spend Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars go ahead BUY licenses from the Famous Software Companies with some still charging Millions of Dollars! Build an entire Intranet Infrastructure networking and wiring, add tens if not 100’s and 1000’s of dedicated servers on site to manage your BIG Data. Hire the staff from  IT specialist’s, Programmers, and Consultants to run, manage, and train your employees to use it all!

Verses Online:

Thanks to the advancing technology of CLOUD hosting, as long as each PC is connected online? 2000 + PCs? Everything you know about Intranet? Can and will be replaced by CLOUD! The Savings and Facts about CLOUD Vs. Dedicated is too great for any size corporation to ignore. The technology of CLOUD benefits Vs. Dedicated on the site is science, not theory and eventually, you will see!

What’s Next?  Are you still thinking about it?

Hire iBaroody to build you what is a must have now the Highest Level High End website to benefit get the practical result you deserve and compete to beat!
With this Level? You are set, ready, and you own it all now to have it all later!

From Scratch to Success! Guaranteed!

iBaroody Web Designers Web Design & Web Development Process:

1- The Web Design & Web Designing Process Starts:

At iBaroody LLC, our aim (or goal) is to achieve client’s 100% Satisfaction. Each project regardless of its size “Big or Small” is uniquely handled by a dedicated Senior Project Manager.

We make sure to fully understand your entire business needs, business organization and management, your market and your competitors market to enable you to dominate online in the short & long run.

2- Web Designers Research before the Web Design (UI = User Interface)

The Senior Project Manager ensures taking any Businesses, Corporations, Stores, Retailers, NGOs, and Companies from Scratch to Success regardless of its size and market and that will lead you to a higher level and thus success online.

Within few business days, the Senior Project Manager creates the most prominent Web Design aspect of any Website, System, Software and so forth the STRUCTURE. By definition STRUCTURE consists of the Main Menu, Drop Down Menus and all the navigation required to organize the entire project to suit all systems and business organization online.

3- Web Design Process

Our Web Projects and Web Portfolio speaks for itself.
We lead to perfection while keeping in mind client’s 100% satisfaction.

Our Work is based on:

-100% Client satisfaction and approvals regardless of how much man hours the project requires.
-100% Perfect Responsive Design working for all desktop and mobile browsers.
-We ensure that from day 1, all projects to be very robust and competitive in Google and all other search engines.

This is your Bread and Butter traffic for free!

-Since size and Quality matters, by default, we add and guarantee that all systems contain CMS/CRM and tens of other components and modules customized for your business organization and web growth.

Its Effective Benefits are:

-Gives you the image that you deserve.
-Makes your website more valuable and expensive.
-Visitors will spend longer time on your site.
-Increases your page views.
-Increases repeat visitors.
Most importantly, to get you visitors from Google for FREE and for LIFE.

This whole process and experience are highly critical to start the design of the Home Page. Despite the man hours involved, Client and iBaroody will work together with our graphic designer(s) to nail and earn Client’s 100% Template approval.

4- Web Design Navigation: (UX = Users Experience)

That’s where; we earn client approval for the entire Home Page design and Structure and proceed with developing all the pages.

5- Websites Online on our Web Development Server(s)

Automatically, after Template and Structure approval, iBaroody places the entire Website on our online development server for clients to monitor, observe and stay well informed in regards to the process, status and updates as we work on each project daily!

6- Web CMS/CRM/ADMIN Access

Now and since the project is online on our development server, the project is handled by highly experienced Webmaster who is responsible for engraving HTML5 codes for navigation and putting all pages together.
Meanwhile, the Project Coordinator coordinates with the client and obtains all feedbacks, recommendations, and approvals to perfect project and start adding Contents.

In the meantime, iBaroody programmers work on completing the system, software integration, programming and customize all tasks, functions, and features for each project to suit the entire web design, business, client’s markets and online web business web organization.

7-Web Content:

The Project Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all client materials are added in all Inner Pages with customized designs providing a modern professional appearance and of course Responsive. All this is achieved with client’s Approval and Satisfaction.
iBaroody offers full professional web content writing (Copywriting) packages and translation services!

8-Web Delivery and Going Online

Within weeks from the Start date, your project is now ready to go Live. Usually, this stage represents only 10% where the client has to approve the whole Process and System to accomplish full Delivery. The client has already passed 90% at this point in the Web Development & Web Design Process in Lebanon.

9-After Web Delivery

We highly recommend Clients to continuously add, update and work if possible daily on their websites. It will help the Website to Generate more Traffic and Visitors. iBaroody along with client and for a whole full year will work together to adjust, adapt and make changes if needed to reach the best User-Friendly Website.

Keep in mind; no project is perfect from day 1.
Working and enhancing your project will always lead to the best results and success.

Nowadays, your website needs to be continuously updated and adjusted to stay active and compete with others online. Remember that your website is your entire business online, you grow, and your website must become. And if you do not reach your targeted growth, that’s when your website needs to improve much more on its own, to help your business grow. That’s what websites should and must do to consider them successful! iBaroody strives to get each client’s website and project to generate them more business. How to increase and generate more business from your site? iBaroody works real hard to ensure your site increases phone calls, email leads, direct products sales, etc.peoples.., and thus benefiting and profiting more from the essential web presence your World Class Website. This website is your property online. The online world is the most massive fastest growing most effective targeted search and viral marketing power of people’s attention in the world. That’s why we are in business; for you to generate business.
Scratch to Success guaranteed!

Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder & The Richest Man in the World) Famous Quote:

“ If your business is not on the Internet your business will be out of business”

10-Web Design Customer Support:

Our Customer Support guarantees you that we will hand to hand support you with your web project to ensure your Web Success.

We offer:

–          Phone support
–          Email support
–          Live Chat support
–          Accessing clients desktop to fix and resolve any issues from users end!

Once you go LIVE, iBaroody’s “WORK FOR YOU PLAN” is necessary to continue your Web growth and insure its usability to maintain the Competitive edge. When iBaroody clients Dominate their web markets, is how iBaroody succeeds and competes to beat!

This is designed and implemented that iBaroody can professionally handle and serve client as if client has hired and created their own IT department.

After the website is live online, iBaroody is committed to provide client with the required man hours to maintain and increase value of their projects including

  • Graphics design
  • Webmaster hours
  • Programming hours
  • IT hours
  • Server admin hours
  • Data Entry hours
  • Internet Marketing consultancy

11- Web Designers Training

A-iBaroody will provide a Customized Web Manual for each Web Client and Web project. This Manual contains Snapshots that makes it easy how to use CMS/CRM/ADMIN (BACKEND)
B-One on One training sessions available for Local Clients.
C- None Local Clients:
For an entire year iBaroody provides training, knowledge transfer and free consultation to insure each client uses their Backend in order to manage, run their business and grow successfully.

This includes Online Training sessions:
LIVE access to a Web Expert online to help using: Skype, Phone, and Team Viewer for remote desktop access to show clients what they require in input and help.

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