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    Administration & Full Management

Advanced Business IT Hosting Solutions:

Using: CLOUD Servers CLOUD Networking & CLOUD Loading Processors

Emailing Systems Server and Data Business IT Solutions

Virtual Server From Setups to Administration Security & Management
Dedicated Servers From Setups to Administration Security & Management
CLOUD Loading Processors CLOUD BIG Data From Setups to Administration Security & Full Management

Total setup, development, networking, full administration and 100% Legal Liability. Example: Company with 2000 employees. 2000 PCs 100 Dedicated servers old machines on site. Average 15 IT guys to maintain such servers Networking companies are hired for wiring, maintaining the infrastructure (Intranet) Vs. iBaroody as long as each PC is connected online. Will take entire system, all software, all data replacing all dedicated servers and all IT personal by moving entire Infrastructure to CLOUD Loading processors Pay as You Go Programs.

iBaroody Dedicated experts with the use of Amazon.com Hardware for CLOUD can literary be more effective and entire system will run 100% faster, reliable, safer, more secured with the most advanced Backups there is thanks to Amazon.com who in 2006 invented CLOUD. (AWS Pay as you Go)

In 2010 they went retail selling CLOUD hardware.

iBaroody uses Amazon.com Hardware and has the highest levels of experience in CLOUD Networking since 2011.

All what you need to know about CLOUD Servers CLOUD Networking

Why Amazon CLOUD SERVERS is an excellent choice?

Amazon.com created and invented the CLOUD technologies in 2006.
AWS = Amazon Web Services 3 letter abbreviation used to describe CLOUD.
As they started selling CLOUD services in 2009 USA only, by 2011 iBaroody has setup Amazon.com CLOUD Loading processors using advanced Amazon cloud machines in 2011

We believe no one has attempted to use such serious hosting CLOUD in the entire Middle East yet and we are pioneers .

As of 2017 iBaroody is still one for the very few companies to host clients complex, online business types and heavy eCommerce websites on CLOUD and not Dedicated Servers.
We literary are saving our clients thousands a year from having to rent dedicated pay in advance, taking away the days it takes to set up dedicated servers, setup software, setup source files and test and now instead iBaroody reduces clients costs by minimum ¼ the because of CLOUD Hosting.

AWS Servers and all Hardware are located in the USA.

Amazon.com Created the CLOUD technology in 2006.

Amazon.com Terms of Use and Policies adhere to All European rules & regulations and International laws set by ICANN and all USA (Thus International) Emails, hosting, maintenance, security, backups, patching, Antivirus SPAM and Malware software already installed on iBaroody AWS CLOUD networking servers tom meet USA law requirements in order to be able to provide such services to any clients.

iBaroody AWS record legal and abiding by all Technologies updates, are clearly recorded with Amazon.com. iBaroody record of AWS CLOUD ownership, administration and full management since 2011 we have never ever had one single complaint nor any security vulnerabilities and/or legal liabilities.

Big Data and Heavy Bandwidth hosted on CLOUD 
*CLOUD & Dedicated Server Hosting and Administration BIG DATA (Available)
Assuming client wants to OWN their own AWS Loading Processor.
AWS CLOUD dedicated network using AWS clients own account.
iBaroody AWS Administration additional services Included but not limited to:

  • Complete CLOUD hardware setup with AWS
  • Complete Software and patching Setups.
  • Complete data protection.
  • Full Administration, management, and securities updates.
  • Full liability and responsibility.

(Saves client from having to hire an IT deferments and/or personal).

CLOUD is the future. This is why:

All software companies from the famous to open sources software are turning into web based.

Even in the USA today such serious move of corporate systems and BIG data is taking place slowly but surely however the future is clear.

On An average:

A 2000+ employees company with 2000 desktop and laptops used to access all company systems and software their infrastructure is based on

A- Networking Infrastructure
(All wiring and cabling connecting all PC usually to a special dedicated space on premises that is the base of INTRANET).

B- As Internet speeds globally is sufficient enough and reliable moving forward monthly, all systems are getting switched to online systems (Web Based Software)

C- The 2000+ Employees require an average of 200+ dedicated servers on site to form the Intranet structure.

The hardware costs for the machines, combined with all the hardware it takes to maintain and upgrade the machines, in combination with the fact each 6 months processors get more faster and complex, Hard drives and RAM every 6 month get cheaper and more advanced a company has to spend a fortune if they plan to keep up their entire servers up to date.

Statistically no company rich or average does that and in many cases the same servers remain on site for 6+ years.

By that time 4 servers on site can be replace by one new modern server in speed, reliability, hosting ability, memory so forth.

D- 2000+ Dedicated Servers on site require an average of 20+ full time employees from Computer engineers to IT managers and specialists to maintain and keep such Intranet running at all times.

E- The common thinking owning and building a dedicated exclusive Intranet is safer, more secured, and for sure easier to manage.

FACT: As long as one PC from this entire highly secured Intranet based infrastructure is connected online rest assured the USA Government already has a copy of every single email, data, and anything else hosted on the 200+ dedicated servers.

This reality today is as real as everything else.

IT Security NEWS: in 2016 it was discovered that 70% of all new modern hard drives already contain malware and codes so embedded deeply in the hardware no virus protection software that even government’s level anti-spy software cannot even detect such spying techniques.

CONCLUSION about Intranet servers on site Vs. CLOUD

No company or big business can ignore what the future is concerning the importance of CLOUD networking and here is why

1- All Dedicated Servers on site can easily be replaced by CLOUD machines hosted in the USA purchased by any of the main most trusted and secured CLOUD companies that offer CLOUD services

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft

2- The savings of dealing with Hardware that have to be built, maintained and fixed daily is replaced by using existing already built machines when CLOUD networking is used.

3- On an Average it takes 2 CLOUD expert Administrators to run and manage a Companies CLOUD account and all its loading processors verses the 20 employees that it takes to handle the demand of man hours required to maintain 200+ dedicated servers.

As long as each PC is CONNECTED (Online) is all what it takes to use Web based software hosted on CLOUD.

4- with CLOUD? An entire system, web based software, Database is at all times running on multiple servers. Anything fails no user will notice.
Depending on demand and bandwidth, it takes one hour to add and/or delete 1 server to the CLOUD network instead of an average of 5 days for each dedicated server.

5- Security, Reliability, and for SURE the price the savings is so serious with CLOUD it is going to be very hard for any company regardless even Banks with the most sensitive database to ignore the benefits of CLOUD.

Since 2011 and after dealing with CLOUD setups for clients and experiencing firsthand the serious advantages of cloud and its faster performance iBaroody server administrators and project managers just knew that CLOUD hosting is the future.

It is going to take time to sink in.

BUT sooner or later we encourage companies to start studying, researching the facts, budgets, and the importance of CLOUD now to plan accordingly for the future.

It is impossible to ignore CLOUD especially Vs. Dedicated Servers demands and growth.

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